Things to Know About New York Speeding Tickets

18 May Things to Know About New York Speeding Tickets

If you’ve ever driven consistently in New York, you’ve probably received a warning or speeding ticket. At the very least, you know someone who has. The privilege of driving comes with a lot of rules—that includes laws about safe driving and how fast you can travel on any particular roadway.

If you violate the law by traveling faster than the designated speed limit, you could receive a speeding ticket. Avoiding a speeding ticket entirely is always best, but it is possible to beat your ticket. A good lawyer on your side could help.

Knowing more about New York speeding tickets may also help you beat your ticket. Below, you’ll find a few important things to know about New York speeding tickets.

What Are the Penalties for Speeding in New York?

The penalties for speeding depend largely on two things: your driving history and how fast you were driving over the posted speed limit. The potential penalties for speeding in New York include the following:

Many people don’t take these penalties seriously, and they come to regret that later. Losing a license can lead to loss of employment, and fines can create a huge financial burden for you that can quickly get out of control, impacting all other areas of your life.

How Many Points Will Equal a License Suspension?

If you receive eleven or more points on your driving record within an eighteen-month period, you will lose your license. These points could equal only one or two speeding tickets, depending on how fast you were accused of traveling. If you were driving forty or more miles over the speed limit, a conviction will put you at exactly eleven points.

How Long Do You Have to Contest a Speeding Ticket?

You only have thirty days to contest a speeding ticket, so it’s very important that you hop to it. Remember—your driving record is important, and it is possible to get a speeding ticket dismissed in New York.

Do You Have to Go to Court to Contest a Speeding Ticket?

Yes. If you decide to plead not guilty to your speeding ticket, you will most likely have to go to court to contest it. You will need to present evidence in your favor. If you hire an attorney, he or she can represent you in traffic court.

Help Beating Your New York Speeding Ticket

When you’ve been ticketed for speeding, you may be tempted to just plead guilty and move on with your life. Unfortunately, pleading guilty could have huge life consequences for you. You could lose your license and your job, spend time in jail, and get slapped with hefty fines.

You do have options that shouldn’t be overlooked. Many people avoid convictions for speeding tickets, and with the help of an attorney from the Law Office of James Medows, you can, too. We’re ready to help you fight your ticket. Call 917-856-1247 or complete the form below to speak with an experienced attorney.