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02 Mar The Five Worst Speed Traps in New York City

New York City has stepped up its crackdown on speeders in order to be in line with the mayor’s Vision Zero campaign for road safety. This optimistic plan aims to reduce traffic fatalities by 50 percent by 2025. The central philosophy is that traffic crashes aren’t really accidents—rather, they are “preventable incidents.”

One key is educating drivers, pedestrians, and bikers about road safety. Another vital part is increasing ticketing for moving violations, especially speeding. According to a recent report, NYC law enforcement handed out 11,282 traffic tickets in 2014, (the most recent year available), and efforts are increasing. The list below details some high-risk areas for speed traps that could lead to a speeding ticket.

Brooklyn – Belt Parkway and Knapp Street

This section of the Belt Parkway in Brooklyn is called Shore Parkway. Drivers who forget to check their speed coming off this highway often find themselves at the mercy of officers waiting in the wings. Visitors from nearby stores often get caught unaware.

Staten Island – Korean War Memorial and 440 Overpass

Vision Zero has nearly doubled the number of speeding tickets given out in Staten Island. The 440 Overpass leads to and from New Jersey, and it has a lot of commuters buzzing through to try to make it home on time. Officers hide under the Korean Veterans Overpass and clock speeders.

The Bronx – Castle Hill Avenue and Bruckner Expressway

Castle Hill Avenue in the Bronx was dangerous enough to be designated a Vision Zero Priority Corridor. Twenty-eight people were killed or seriously injured there from 2010 to 2014. Cops often wait on the north side with speed guns.

Manhattan – 1st Avenue and 42nd Street

This corner in Manhattan is a border of the United Nations building and is often subject to street closures due to the business conducted there. The 1st Avenue tunnel exit has two lanes, and the speed trap is always in the left lane. Watch your speedometer on this strip of the city.

Queens – Northern Boulevard at Citi Field

Northern Boulevard in Queens is often referred to as one of the most dangerous streets in the city as it is rife with accidents. Vision Zero mandated that a particular stretch have its speed limit dropped from 30 to 25 mph. Police are able to conceal themselves behind bushes near a ramp at this intersection and clock speeders near Citi Field, the home of the Mets.

Help from a New York City Speeding Ticket Lawyer

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