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09 Jan The basic steps for getting a Staten Island traffic ticket

The basic steps for getting a Staten Island traffic ticket

1. Go to court and request free legal aid. 2. Hope you get free legal aid. 3. If you don’t get free legal aid, pay $140 and hire someone who got you out of your last three parking tickets for $75/ticket or whatever it is they’re charging these days (2 years ago it was half that). 4. Hire another lawyer, because it’s likely that lawyer didn’t do a good job, they just knew how to talk nicely so they got you off without fines or points on your license which any idiot could do but you weren’t smart enough to look up yourself.

Find out where your court date is. The DMV will mail you information about your court date. Go to that court on that day, and get there about 15 minutes early so you can look for parking (not much) and sign up for a pleading. This means you tell them how you want to plead: guilty or not guilty (also known as pleading nolo contendere). If you want to fight it, they’ll let you make an appointment with somebody else. Then wait until they call your name, at which point they’ll read off what happened and ask if that’s correct. You should state if any of it is incorrect, because if they misread anything on the ticket then it could influence how things go forward.

After you’ve been stopped, make sure that your driver’s license and registration are current. In New York City, if you have insurance and registration, you can plead not guilty in most cases. Once you choose to plead not guilty and head to court, always remember that it is your right as an American citizen to be represented by counsel. Traffic infractions are taken seriously in New York, which means fines can quickly add up and hit you financially hard, so don’t fight it alone. If there are issues with your driving record, consult an attorney before pleading not guilty at court. Let them give advice on how they would tackle your case; remember there is no fee unless we win or settle your matter with favorable terms for yourself.