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11 Jan Texting at a Red Light: Is It Legal?

As a New Yorker, you’ve probably seen a few signs or ads about the initiatives in our state to reduce cell phone-related accidents. Texting and driving is a major cause of serious accidents, and recent legislation has tightened restrictions on cell phone use in the car. But what about texting at red lights?

You’ll need to ask yourself one thing before texting at a red light: Is it legal? If you’ve received a ticket after texting at a red light, or if you’re concerned about whether it’s legal in the first place, get the answers you need below.

New York Laws on Texting Behind the Wheel

Technically, texting at a red light is a loophole in the strict texting regulations New York has for its motorists. While you could face fines and five points on your driving record for texting while your car is in motion, your car is completely stopped at a red light. As such, a lawyer might argue that you shouldn’t be fined for texting at the light.

However, the laws on texting and driving might change to include texting at a red light. In fact, New York legislators have introduced bills to specifically outlaw the practice.

Many people still see texting at a red light as a hazard to other drivers. And texting at a light could become a ticketable offense in the future. At the end of the day, it’s best to not text at all in the car.

A Violation Is Costly

If you’ve already been issued a ticket for texting behind the wheel, even at a red light, you’ll need to fight it to avoid consequences. The points on your license can add up quickly—just two cell phone violations can put you on the verge of having your license suspended.

The fines alone, however, can be enough reason to fight your ticket. You’ll be paying $50 at minimum for your violation, and that fine could be as high as $450 if you’ve been pulled over before. So, if you don’t fight back, the price could be more than a few points on your license.

If you’ve received a ticket for texting at a red light, you can plead not guilty for the ticket. You’ll need to fight back to avoid these harsh penalties.

Legal Help After a Texting Ticket

Many people might have something important to say and try texting it at a red light, but is it legal? Unfortunately, the law isn’t always clear, so you might be pulled over even if what you did is not necessarily illegal. When that happens, you’ll need to fight back to beat that ticket.

That’s where the Law Office of James Medows can step in. Our attorneys can fight back when you’ve been given a texting-while-driving ticket, and we’ll work hard to get that ticket dropped. Paying for fines gets expensive quickly, so reach out for help before you plead.

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