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Suffolk County Red Light Ticket Lawyer

If you’ve been pulled over for running a red light, you have the right to defend yourself and avoid the penalties associated with a ticket. Reach out to a red light ticket lawyer in Suffolk County for help with your case.

At first glance, a traffic ticket may seem like little more than a mild annoyance. Those tickets can add up, though, and they can cause you a lot of trouble. If you’ve never before fought a traffic ticket, you might be unsure where to start.

At the Law Office of James Medows, we have years of experience building defenses against traffic citations. That’s why we offer the help you need from a Suffolk County red light ticket lawyer. Continue reading to learn more about why a lawyer can be your greatest asset during this time. 

Penalties for Red Light Tickets

When you’re first ticketed for failing to stop at a red light, it may not seem like a big deal. But, you might not know the unseen penalties you could face for your ticket. 

For example, you might not be aware of the penalties to your insurance policy. Your insurance company sees a ticket as evidence that you’re a careless driver. That means your insurance costs could increase, which means more money out of your pocket. 

You’ll also accrue driving points for running red lights, speeding, and other citations, which could lead to a license suspension. If eleven points are added to your license within eighteen months, your license could be suspended, which leaves you without guaranteed and reliable transportation.

Defending Your Case in Suffolk County Traffic Court

When you’re accused of running a red light, you’ll need to fight back to defend yourself. That can be difficult if you’re not sure what evidence to bring forward for your case. 

Often, the details will depend on whether you ran the light, and why. For example, you might have admitted to running the light, but you only did so because another driver was following too closely. Stopping could have injured you both. 

In other cases, you didn’t run the red light at all. The light may have gotten out of sync, which looked like you ran the light, even though that’s not the case. 

Talk to a Suffolk County Traffic Ticket Attorney

If you’re not sure where to begin on your red light ticket case, you may need an experienced lawyer on your side. Traffic court can be complex and difficult if you’re not experienced, and the knowledge of an attorney can mean all the difference.

That’s why the lawyers at the Law Office of James Medows are here to help. If you’ve been stopped for running a red light, your lawyer can help you defend yourself and get your ticket dismissed or reduced. 

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