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Suffolk County Cell Phone Ticket Lawyer

Ticketed for using your cell phone behind the wheel? You may have grounds to fight your charges. Reach out for help by contacting a Suffolk County traffic ticket attorney about your cell phone citation.

Many of us send a quick text at a red light or checking our phones when waiting for an urgent message. No matter how careful you’re being, if a police officer sees you, it could spell trouble for you. 

If you’ve been ticketed in Suffolk County for a cell phone violation, you may have grounds to defend yourself and your case with an experienced lawyer from the Law Office of James Medows. If you’re ready to defend yourself, a Suffolk County cell phone ticket lawyer may be able to help get your ticket reduced or even dismissed.

Penalties for a Cell Phone Ticket

When you’re pulled over for texting or talking while driving, you are rightfully worried about the consequences of the citation. First, you’ll need to deal with the fines. If you’ve been charged with multiple violations, your penalties could be as high as $450.

The consequences don’t stop there. If you already have driving points on your license, from speeding, for example, a traffic ticket conviction can lead to more serious issues. If you have more than eleven points in the last eighteen months on your license, your license could be suspended. These penalties can affect your ability to easily commute to work or school, so reach out for help from a Suffolk County cell phone lawyer to fight back. 

Defenses for Ticketed Suffolk County Drivers

Your traffic ticket lawyer’s main job will be analyzing the details of your case and building the strongest defense possible. For example, they might focus on the fact that you were at a complete stop when the officer pulled you over. If you were sitting at a red light, for example, or were in your car while it was running, you may be able to argue that you weren’t moving, so you weren’t putting anyone in danger. 

You may also simply deny the citation and say you weren’t texting or talking behind the wheel. You might have phone records to prove it, or you may question what the police officer really saw. They may have been some distance away, for example, when they spotted you. If you’re not sure what your best option is, your cell phone ticket lawyer in Suffolk County can help you review the ticket and act now. 

Connect with a Suffolk County Texting Ticket Lawyer

As New York police officers crack down on cell phone violations, you may find yourself facing a citation. Although it may seem easier to just accept that, it can hurt your future to do so. So, what can you do? 

Often, your best option is to seek out an attorney from the Law Office of James Medows. The right lawyer can help you address your ticket, defend your case, and get those penalties dismissed. Get started today with a Suffolk County cell phone ticket lawyer by calling 917-856-1247 or by completing the online form below. 

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