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Suffolk County Traffic Ticket Lawyer

If you’re struggling with a traffic ticket, you may need help fighting back and understanding what that battle might entail. Seek help from a traffic ticket lawyer if you’ve been issued one in Suffolk County.

Suffolk drivers may find themselves pulled over in the middle of a drive. You spotted blue lights in your rearview mirror and now you’re holding a traffic ticket. Unfortunately, tickets aren’t just frustrating; they can lead to worse penalties for you in the future. 

Fortunately, you have a chance to recover with the help of an attorney from the Law Office of James Medows. We understand that you might be struggling with serious penalties and unsure what your best defense is. Luckily, a Suffolk County traffic ticket lawyer can make a big difference. 

Your Suffolk County Traffic Ticket Can Affect Your License

When you’re given a traffic ticket, such as a speeding violation, keep in mind that you’re not just dealing with traffic ticket fines. Instead, you’re also facing penalties that could affect your driving privileges in the future. 

For example, your Suffolk County insurance may become more expensive or even impossible for you to afford. The insurance company may see a guilty plea or conviction as proof that you’re a reckless driver. Because of that, the insurer may decide to raise your insurance rates or even cancel your coverage. Although driving programs can reduce these rates, they aren’t guaranteed solutions.

You may also see points on your license. Although these driving points won’t affect you immediately, it could lead to a license suspension if you receive eleven points within eighteen months. If you’re worried about these penalties, it’s important to consider your options for a strong defense. 

Defenses for Your Traffic Violations

If you’re planning to fight back against your traffic ticket in Suffolk, it’s important to be prepared with evidence defending you against the accusations of your citation. Typically, your traffic ticket attorney will focus on a defense based on your case. 

For example, you might have been accused of failing to stop at a stop sign. However, you might have never spotted a sign, or you didn’t see it until it was too late. In these cases, you and your lawyer may seek out proof that the sign was missing or that trees and shrubs hid your view of the sign. This is just one possibility for defense, so make sure you review the details of your case with your attorney. 

Seek a Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Suffolk County

Facing a traffic ticket in Suffolk County can be a stressful experience. You might be struggling to get your ticket dismissed, or you may be unsure what options you have to defend yourself. Although there are options for your defense, knowing where to begin can be daunting, to say the least. 

Fortunately, your traffic violation attorney can make a difference. At the Law Office of James Medows, we know that you’re struggling with a difficult case, and you may need help getting your citation reduced or dismissed. That’s why we offer free consultations to understand your options before agreeing to retain legal help.

When you’re ready, reach out to a Suffolk County traffic ticket lawyer for guidance with your case. Give us a call at 917-856-1247 or complete the following online form.

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