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Work Zone Speeding Ticket NY

Work zones are especially dangerous areas for both workers and drivers. Speeding will only add to this danger, so police officers in the area will enforce higher penalties and fines to protect the safety of workers. Unfortunately, this might mean that you’re stuck with a speeding ticket.

When you’ve received a work zone speeding ticket in NY, you need help getting that ticket dismissed so you can avoid the hefty fees and points on your license. But it can be difficult to fight back alone. Speak with an attorney at the Law Office of James Medows for help getting your speeding ticket dismissed.  


Penalties for Speeding in a New York Work Zone

Speeding comes with serious penalties. The exact fine will depend on the speed the officer lists on your ticket.

In most cases, if you choose to plead “guilty” and pay for the ticket, this will put a certain number of points on your license, from three to eleven. You’ll also face a fine based on your speed. In some rare cases, you could even face up to a month in prison.

These aren’t the only penalties you’ll face. Eleven points on your New York drivers license is an automatic suspension. And work zones double the fines you could receive.

For example, let’s say you’re ticketed for driving more than thirty miles per hour over the speed limit in a New York work zone. Your fines could be as high as $1,200. On top of that, you could lose your license to drive—if you don’t fight back, that is.

How a NY Lawyer Can Help

Fortunately, you don’t have to accept your fines and other penalties if you were given a work zone speeding ticket in NY. Instead, a speeding ticket lawyer can represent you and help you get your ticket dismissed.

For instance, a lawyer can help make sure you have a strong defense on hand. Many online sources might suggest reviewing tickets for minor errors, like misspellings, but these are often not enough to get your ticket dismissed. A lawyer can make sure you’re building the defense your case needs.

Our firm has the resources to fight back against your ticket, helping you avoid possible debt, license suspension, and even some criminal penalties.


Call an NYC Speeding Ticket Attorney

Work zones can be dangerous places, so law enforcement officers may strictly enforce traffic laws in these areas. Unfortunately, this could mean that you end up with a ticket that could take away your license and leave you in serious financial trouble.

Calling an NYC speeding ticket attorney about your work zone speeding ticket in NY could make your life a whole lot easier. We’ll begin with a case review so you’ll know what we’ll do for you before you respond to your ticket. For more information on how the Law Office of James Medows can help, call us at 917-856-1247 or fill out the form below.

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