What Happens When You Get Three Speeding Tickets in 18 Months?

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What Happens When You Get Three Speeding Tickets in Eighteen Months?

The more traffic tickets you receive in New York, the higher your chance of losing your license becomes. That’s because of the state’s point system.

For speeding, you can only receive eleven points within eighteen months before your license is temporarily or permanently suspended.


It Depends on How Fast You Were Going

The effects of receiving three speeding tickets within eighteen months are going to depend on how fast you were going each time you were pulled over in New York.

The following is a breakdown of the points that could be added to your driving record for speeding:

  • Three Points – Driving one to ten miles per hour (mph) over the speed limit
  • Four Points – Driving eleven to twenty mph over the speed limit
  • Six Points – Driving twenty-one to thirty mph over the speed limit
  • Eight Points – Driving thirty-one to forty mph over the speed limit
  • Eleven Points – Driving more than forty mph over the speed limit

If, for example, you were going two mph over the speed limit on the first violation and twenty-one mph over on the second violation, the third violation would result in a license suspension because the smallest New York speeding violation results in three points.

However, if each ticket was for going less than ten mph over, you would pay a fine each time and your license would remain intact.


This Can Impact Your Insurance Rates

There is more than one issue at stake here. While getting too many points on your driving record within eighteen months can result in license suspension, the insurance company doesn’t need to wait until your license has been suspended to raise your rates.

Insurers can raise your insurance rates with the first moving violation, so it’s important to fight every ticket along the way.


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