What Happens When a Cop Lists the Wrong Speed on a Ticket?

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What Happens When a Cop Lists the Wrong Speed on a Ticket?

Everyone makes mistakes, and the police officer who pulled you over might have made one on your speeding ticket. Your car may be maroon, not red, or it might be a slightly different make or model.

But what happens when a cop lists the wrong speed on a ticket?

Listing the wrong speed could put you in a different speeding bracket. What should have been a smaller fine for going forty-five miles per hour in a thirty-five-mph zone is potentially much larger when you’ve gotten a ticket for going fifty-five mph. If you believe your ticket has the wrong speed, speak with a qualified attorney about your options.

Can I Contest?

When you’re looking to get your NYC speeding ticket dismissed, you’re likely looking at any options possible. Sometimes, mistakes on the ticket are big enough to get a case dismissed.

Unfortunately, certain smaller errors don’t mean your ticket will be dismissed. Courts may take the officer’s word against yours.

While a major error may get you a dismissal, a discrepancy in speed may be difficult to prove. Even so, an attorney can identify whether your ticket’s error is serious enough to warrant a dismissal.

Should I Go to Court?

Even if you believe your ticket was made in error, attending your hearing is important. Fighting your ticket is important, and even if the mistake on your speeding ticket doesn’t lead to an automatic dismissal, you have a better chance if you attend court and fight the citation.

If you don’t attend, the consequences could be serious. Your license could be suspended for failing to appear, and in some cases, officials may issue a warrant for your arrest. On top of that, you will be expected to pay a fee to remove the suspension.

While pointing out an error on your ticket is not a surefire way to have your ticket dismissed, the right attorney can use it to your advantage.

How the Law Office of James Medows Can Help

If a cop lists the wrong speed on a ticket, that doesn’t mean you’re out of the woods just yet. Fighting for a dismissal with this argument can be difficult, and you may need more to back this claim up.

At the Law Office of James Medows, we understand what it takes to get a traffic ticket dismissed, and we’re ready to put our skills to the test and help you beat your ticket. Our attorneys are ready to walk you through your case and show you how you can get your ticket dismissed.

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