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School Zone Speeding Ticket NY

School zones are an especially dangerous place to speed. Children are walking in every direction, and they could be seriously injured or killed in an accident. That’s why New York takes speeding in school zones so seriously.

Unfortunately, you might have ended up with a speeding ticket for this. That could mean large fines and the possibility of a suspended license. When you’re given a school zone speeding ticket in NY, you’ll need help avoiding these penalties. A lawyer from the Law Office of James Medows can help you beat that ticket.

Penalties for Speeding in NY School Zones

If you’ve been accused of speeding in a school zone, you might not have even seen an officer—instead, you might have received a ticket from the speed camera in that school area.

As part of Vision Zero, many New York school zones are now equipped with speed cameras, which will clock your speed during school hours and send your ticket to you. While these tend to be much cheaper than an officer’s ticket, they can still cause plenty of hassles in your life.

If an officer pulled you over in a New York school zone, you can expect even higher fines and points on your license. In fact, fines are often increased for school zone speeding tickets. Also, points on your license can add up quickly. If you plead “guilty” and receive eleven points in an eighteen-month span, your license will be suspended.

No matter what your penalties may be, remember that you always have a chance to defend yourself.

Defenses Against Your NY Speeding Ticket

Fortunately, a speeding ticket lawyer in NYC can help you prepare the best defense possible for your school zone speeding ticket. Your defense will depend on the situation, but we may use one of the following examples to help you avoid speeding penalties:


  • The Speed Camera Was Wrong – In some cases, your lawyer can fight the speed camera itself. These devices must be calibrated regularly to be accurate, and you may argue that your incident was after school hours.
  • You Were Maintaining a Safe Speed – While you might have been going a few miles over the speed limit, you might be able to assert that speeding was necessary to avoid an accident.
  • The Officer’s Determination Was Wrong – Radar isn’t perfect, and all tools should be calibrated regularly. While this defense can be especially difficult without the proper resources, it could get your school zone speeding ticket dismissed.  


We’ll Fight Your School Zone Speeding Ticket in NY

Law enforcement agencies take speeding in school zones seriously, so you might have some trouble dealing with your ticket without the help of the Law Office of James Medows. Fortunately, our lawyers can help you fight back against your speeding ticket.

An NY school zone speeding ticket is a serious offense, but the right attorney can help you fight back and get it dismissed. To have your case evaluated by our lawyers, call us at 917-856-1247 or fill out the online contact form at the bottom of this page.

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