New York Speeding Ticket with an Out-of-State License

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New York Speeding Ticket with an Out-of-State License

Getting a speeding ticket is a serious matter no matter where you are. But what if you’re pulled over in a state you don’t call home?

This can make things complicated. After all, you’re not a resident of the area, but New York does have certain statutes and rules about out-of-state drivers that could affect you. And you may need or want to fight your ticket.

If you’ve gotten a New York speeding ticket with an out-of-state license, you need to keep the following in mind and get in touch with a firm like the Law Office of James Medows to get your problem solved.

Will I Get Points on My License?

Unfortunately, for most US residents, a ticket in New York will be very similar to a speeding ticket in their own state. New York and most other states are part of the Drivers License Compact, which means that out-of-state speeding tickets and other violations will be put on your record, and you’ll need to pay your ticket or fight it to avoid that.

For example, this sharing of information means that, if you were charged with driving forty-one miles over the speed limit, your license will be suspended even though you didn’t do this in your own state. That’s the rule in New York, and you’re subject to New York laws when you’re driving in the state.

Fighting an Out-of-State Speeding Ticket

If you’re preparing to dispute your ticket, you’ll need to file with the correct county court or through the Traffic Violations Bureau to begin.

Once you’ve done this, you and your lawyer can begin preparing your defense. Typically, your attorney will assess your case to find the right defense for you, which may involve the following:

  • Mistake of Fact – If the speed limit signs were covered or unreadable, there was no way you’d know what speed to go.
  • Protection of Safety – Sometimes, speeding must happen if your safety or that of others is in danger. For example, you might have exceeded the speed limit to pass a swerving car.
  • Medical Emergencies – If you or your passenger experienced a life-threatening injury or illness, you might have needed to speed to save a life.

We Can Help with Your Out-of-State Speeding Ticket

It can be frustrating to get a New York speeding ticket with an out-of-state license, but that doesn’t mean you’re definitely stuck with the expenses. Fighting your ticket may get the charges dismissed, so don’t ignore your ticket or simply pay it off just because you’re in another state.

With the attorneys at the Law Office of James Medows on your side, you can get that ticket dismissed and off your record, no matter how far away from home New York may be. To get started with an initial consultation, give us a call at 917-856-1247 or fill out the online contact form below.

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