How to Plead Not Guilty to a New York Speeding Ticket

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How to Plead Not Guilty to a New York Speeding Ticket

No matter why you’ve been issued a ticket for speeding in New York, the consequences of a conviction could be severe. Many people don’t take their speeding tickets seriously, and they end up suffering for it later. A conviction for any ticket will lead to points on your driving record.

To make matters worse, your insurance company is sure to take notice, increasing your monthly premiums. You could lose your driving privileges if you receive too many points on your record, and in some cases, you could lose your job. Now is the time to learn how to plead not guilty to a New York speeding ticket.

The Process of Pleading Not Guilty to a Speeding Ticket in New York

The process of pleading not guilty to your speeding ticket is actually quite simple. There are three ways to plead not guilty and schedule a Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB) hearing:

  • You can plead not guilty by completing the right section on the ticket and mailing it in.
  • You can plead not guilty and schedule your hearing online.
  • Enter your not guilty plea and schedule a hearing in person at the TVB office.

Once your hearing is scheduled, you will simply attend court, bringing along whatever evidence you’ve gathered to prove that you’re not guilty of the traffic violation against you.

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