How Do Speed Camera Tickets Work in New York City?

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How Do Speed Camera Tickets Work in New York City?

Like many cities across the United States, New York City has hundreds of cameras in place to catch and ticket speeders. However, if you have been mailed a citation for speeding, you don’t have to just accept the penalties.

An NYC speeding ticket lawyer from the Law Office of James Medows can help you successfully contest the charges.


Speed Camera Rules

New York City only puts cameras in certain locations, and only some of them are active. Many are just there for drivers to see. The thinking is that seeing the cameras might slow drivers down.

Most of the cameras are mounted near school zones and are only supposed to be active thirty minutes before school begins and thirty minutes after it ends. However, some are mounted on city vehicles that simply drive around, never pulling anyone over. When one of these vehicles sees you speeding, it will mark you down and take a photo.

You will then be mailed a ticket for $50, regardless of who was driving the car. If the car is registered in your name, you get the ticket. These citations are more like parking tickets than traffic tickets because they don’t go on your record and you receive no points on your license.


Fight the Ticket

Despite the seemingly minor aspects of a speeding ticket sent from a camera, you may still want to fight it. It’s often quite easy to get out of these tickets because they are not issued by a police officer.

An NYC speed camera ticket lawyer can help contest the charge without you having to spend all your time in court.


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