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11 Oct Someone gets caught for DWI, what happens in the precinct, what happens in the police station?

Well let’s back track for a second here, at the scene you’re gonna get arrested, most likely you and your love ones gonna get arrested at the scene. What happens there is that the officer is going to stop you and the officer will tell you to low down your window and get out of the car at some point. The officer’s going to ask, have you been drinking and the answer should always be “No”. Don’t admit anything. There’s no reason why you should give any statement.

There’s no reason why you should incriminate yourself at the scene. Even if you don’t give a statement the officer will still gonna say that your eyes are blood shot, your speech is slury, and that you weak of alcohol. After your gonna be arrested anyway so why the officers ammunition that gonna be used against you at the later time. At that point they gonna tell you that you’ve been arrested. Even if you don’t give statements, you’re going to be arrested. At that point you’re gonna be taken into custody, again don’t give any statements.

You’ll be taken by the police in the white car. You’re gonna be transferred over to the precinct. At the precinct their going to process you. It’s going to be a long process. From the precinct they are going to transfer you over to the courthouse. Eventually you’ll see a judge, that’s called the arraignment. At the arraignment you’re going to be told what you’re charged with and if it’s in New York City or New York state, you’re gonna be charged with Vehicle and Traffic Law Section 1192 Sub 1 Sub 2 Sub 3 and possibly Sub 4.

What if they try to make me take a breathalyzer?

If you believe that you were under the influence of alcohol or drugs, do not blow into the breathalyzer because that is pretty damn

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