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SoHo Traffic Ticket Lawyer

From a simple parking ticket to jail time for repeat or unresolved offenses, traffic tickets are a nuisance at best and a horror at worst. If you have received a traffic ticket, you want to make sure you fight it so that you don’t pay fines unnecessarily and get points on your license.

Too many people simply accept their ticket and don’t realize that they will keep paying for a violation down the line in other ways. Some incur additional fees for repeat offenses when they could have fought an earlier ticket and won. To beat a ticket received south of Houston Street, consult with a SoHo traffic ticket lawyer from the Law Office of James Medows.


A SoHo Traffic Violation Lawyer Can Help You with Any Ticket

There are so many ways to receive traffic tickets because not only does the government want to keep the roads safe for everyone, but it’s also in their interests to be vigilant as traffic violations add revenue to city coffers. You might find yourself getting a ticket, say, for making a left turn on a road where just last week it was legal, or for parking in a space that is apparently illegal but does not have a clearly marked sign.

A SoHo traffic ticket lawyer from our firm can tell you how to deal with these problems. We can help you with any traffic ticket you receive:


Failure to Appear

Whether you misunderstood your court date or were too anxious to show up, there are things you can do to get yourself out of trouble for not appearing in court. A skilled SoHo traffic violation lawyer will know how to help you avoid penalties and possible jail time.


SoHo Traffic Ticket FAQ

A SoHo traffic ticket lawyer can answer these and any other questions you may have:

  • I got my ticket out of state. How do I fight it?
  • Can I refuse a breathalyzer test?
  • If I ignore my ticket, will I get arrested?
  • What happens if I plead guilty to a violation that results in points on my license?


Do You Have an Invalid Traffic Ticket?

A ticket is not valid when the legally required information on it is missing or inaccurate. A SoHo traffic violation lawyer can review the ticket and find any defects that could get your invalid ticket dismissed.


Call a SoHo Traffic Ticket Lawyer

Some traffic issues are time sensitive, and ignoring them can lead to steeper fines or even a jail sentence. Minimize the impact of your ticket by calling a SoHo traffic ticket lawyer today. Attorney James Medows knows the best ways to deal with an NYC traffic incident and has helped scores of clients get their tickets reduced or dismissed.

In many cases he can appear in court so you don’t have to! Call the Law Office of James Medows today at 917-856-1247 and get a free consultation on your traffic situation. You can also reach us by completing the form at the bottom of this page.

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