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SoHo Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Driving in SoHo often means facing hair-pulling slowdowns due to events like a delivery truck double-parking and constant Holland Tunnel gridlock. The congested Manhattan traffic might make it seem impossible that anyone could get caught for driving too fast, but 11,282 speeding tickets were issued in Manhattan in 2014 alone.

Did you receive a speeding ticket south of Houston Street or in another part of New York City? Before you decide to “eat” the ticket, you should know how one seemingly insignificant traffic incident can affect you in the long term. Working with a SoHo speeding ticket lawyer from the Law Office of James Medows ensures that you have the best chance for achieving the following results:

  • Possibly avoiding a court appearance
  • Having fines reduced or forgiven
  • Determining whether to post bail
  • Keeping your insurance rates from going up
  • Avoiding having to attend safe-driving courses


Speeding Ticket Hazards

Not only does a speeding ticket result in points on your license, but in New York State, jail time is also possible with a speeding conviction. Going thirty miles per hour or more over the speed limit can run you up to $600 in fines.

New York is serious about its driving laws and devotes abundant resources to traffic enforcement. Additionally, the more points you have on your license, the more likely your car insurance rates will go up, as well. That means you may be paying for the repercussions of this ticket for years to come. It would be wise to look into your options and consult with a SoHo speeding ticket lawyer.


Speed-Camera Tickets

New York City has installed a number of speed cameras around the city as part of the mayor’s Vision Zero initiative to reduce traffic fatalities. In an attempt to keep schoolchildren safer, some have been installed near schools and hopefully word of these will spread to cut down on speeding in school zones.

There are also many of these cameras in secret locations all over the city, and some drivers have been caught unaware. Here are some suspected speed-camera locations, but other cameras are roving—increasing the chance that one will catch you by surprise. If one does, be sure to contact us and speak with a SoHo speeding ticket lawyer.


Retain the Services of a SoHo Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Each city deals with traffic violations in its own way, and you need an experienced SoHo speeding ticket lawyer to protect your record. Attorney James Medows specializes in New York City traffic violations and works directly with his clients rather than leaving the work to a junior member. He is easily accessible by phone call or text. His proven track record can be seen from the many glowing reviews he has received from past clients.

James handles all types of traffic incidents, including tickets, summonses, and violations. He knows traffic law and knows the most effective ways to get NYC traffic tickets reduced or thrown out. He can even attend court on your behalf in most cases, so you don’t have to miss work or face the stress of appearing in front of a judge.

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