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Sex Crimes Lawyer Brooklyn

Have you or a loved one been accused of any kind of sex crime?

Sex Crimes Lawyer Brooklyn An allegation of sexual abuse can literally destroy a person’s life. Whether the person is guilty or not, once a charge has been leveled, it never goes away. It is the Scarlet Letter of modern times, and even innocence cannot eradicate that stain. Sexual crimes of any kind are considered heinous and unforgivable, and the mere suggestion that someone has committed such a transgression almost surely guarantees public persecution for life and the permanent stigma of “pervert.”

One essential element for conviction is irrefutable evidence that the sexual involvement was not consensual, but in today’s heated environment of “He said, She said,” proving that lack of agreement is extremely complicated and challenging. Yet this is the very kind of flaw that the expert sex crimes lawyer James Medows is skilled at exposing to severely cripple or eradicate the accusation. If you or a loved one has been charged with any kind of sex crime, you should immediately contact a qualified lawyer who will vigorously strive to save you from the shame, repercussions, and punishments that such a charge can render.

The Law Office of James Medows has years of experience dealing with all manner of sex crimes and will provide the most dedicated and aggressive support you can find to guide you through this ordeal and obtain the most positive outcome for your case. Sexual assault of any kind evokes heated emotions, irrational and often unfounded judgments, and fierce demands for justice and retribution. The relentless depiction of such crimes on television shows only fuels such reactions, as do high profile newspaper stories, especially those involving abduction and abuse of children or exploitation of the homeless and underprivileged.

At the same time, consider the careers that have been ruined by false accusations or hearsay, with jobs lost, college scholarships revoked, and relationships or marriages destroyed. The territory of sexual accusations is murky indeed, and you would be wise to have a compassionate, resolute attorney like James Medows to safeguard your rights and work assiduously to clear your name and restore your life and dignity. James understands the emotional difficulty that any accusation of sex abuse involves. He is also well versed in the complexity of crimes with which one can be charged.

In New York, sex offenses encompass a staggering array of claims, including the following:

• Child molestation

• Child pornography

• Date rape

• Endangering a child’s welfare

• Indecent exposure

• Internet sex crimes

• Lewd conduct

• Molestation

• Prostitution

• Rape

• Sexual abuse

• Sexual assault

• Sexual misconduct

• Sodomy

• Spousal rape

• Statutory rape

Obviously, many of these areas overlap and are often disturbingly vague, so it is vital to have an attorney like James who understands how to skillfully navigate this maze of statutes. The consequences of conviction are equally daunting,ranging from a year in jail to life imprisonment, along with fines, probation, mandated counseling, and other penalties. Sentencing is determined by many factors, including the severity of the crime, the defendant’s criminal record, the age of the victim, the use of a weapon, and the threat of physical violence or other kinds of harm.

But perhaps the worst fallout for those convicted of sexual offenses is the requirement to register as sex offenders, meaning that their photographs, their personal information, and their addresses are readily and publically available for anyone to see. Such ghastly notoriety invariably makes someone’s life a hellish existence, severely limiting job options,impeding on privacy and rights, prohibiting the offender from working with or being near children—including playgrounds, schools, parks, and other venues frequented by children—and forcing them to report any change of residence. Guilty or not, the offender is a “marked man” (or woman) who may well fear for his or her safety or even life.

James Medows, with his extensive knowledge of and experience in the terrain of sexual offenses, will be a valuable ally to help you avoid such a formidable future as well as a compassionate confidante who fully understands the horror of enduring such tribulation. Besides demanding proof that any sexual involvement was not consensual, James will also intensely scrutinize the accuser’s intent. Simply claiming that molestation, indecent exposure, or some other form of inappropriate sexual behavior occurred is not sufficient to prove guilt, even if it will virtually guarantee the destruction of someone’s reputation. What motivated this accusation? Such an allegation provides a quick and easy method for exacting revenge, retaliation, or other kind of vengeance.

The charge of a sex crime can be made in anger, in resentment,in bitterness, in an attempt to extort money or publicity, or in a malicious ploy to keep a parent from seeing his or her child, especially in a rancorous divorce. Even minor accidents can result in a sex charge, such as accidentally clicking on an online pornographic site or having a child’s comment at school overheard by someone and reported. James will work diligently to prove that his client has been falsely accused to serve some spiteful or unfounded purpose. Too many people have been wrongfully charged with or convicted of sex crimes. Do not let yourself or a loved one become one of them.

Sex crimes are serious matters and should be treated as such. But a false charge should also be recognized for the scourge it can impose on a life. If you or a loved one is accused of any sex crime, act immediately: Call the Law Office of James Medows so that he can provide the finest representation possible, safeguard your rights, and work relentlessly to ensure the best possible outcome of your case and to help you recover from such a trauma so that you can move forward with your life.

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