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Emmanuel Balan

I am extremely satisfied with this law firm and would recommend it to anyone who needs a traffic ticket lawyer.They will fight for you till the end the results are never disappointing. He gives updates and if you have any questions they will be answered quickly. If you’re ever looking for someone that will fight for you I recommend you pick this attorney because you won’t regret it.

Aaron A

James Medows is a man of miracles. He is a man of his word. I highly recommend him for any of your traffic dispute needs. He knows what he’s doing.

Amelius Carrillo

The Law Office of James Medows was great to work with. He was able to get my speeding and failure to signal tickets dismissed, saving me 8pts.

Shawn Dewar

James always handles my legal issues efficiently without any problems. He’s your guy.

Justin Gordon

Not only is Mr. Meadows’ knowledge of New York traffic law extensive, but he is also a very straight shooter and was amazing at explaining every step of the way for me. No fooling around here. I have gotten and will continue to get traffic tickets, no doubt and Mr. Meadows will continue to fight the good fight for me. Thank you James and keep up the good work
Extremely helpful attorney, excellent response time and very knowledgeable. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND him to anyone fighting a speeding ticket. He will guide you and give you the right advice. Contact him!
Best In NYC, Helped Me Out Tremendously.
James Medows’ office was professional and informative throughout the process, and with their help, I was found not guilty of some wrongfully-issued traffic tickets. I highly recommend!
James is very professional and a true expert in fighting tickets. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who needs representation in court!
I hired James Medows to fight a ticket that I received. Mr. Medows made the entire process very easy, and was able to get the ticket dismissed. I would highly recommend him.
Offers great service and very knowledgeable! Highly recommend! Took care of my case got me off and two years later when a question came up on it he was able to help me again! Can’t ask for better service !
My friend recommended me the office Mr. Medows to resolve my traffic violations and now, I am highly recommending Mr. Medows. He was dedicated and responded immediately every time I contacted him from the first day we spoke on the phone regarding my traffic violations of an electronic device/cell phone and speeding. The office is very professional and pleasant. I was confident to leave my cases in Mr. Medows hands because he explained to me his strategy and the whole process. The retainer was executed electronically the same hour we spoke. I felt that this was an easy and pleasant experience to work with Mr. Medows. Today, my electronic device violation was dismissed and I am happy beyoung my words. Thank you so much for working so hard to achieve positive results. Mr. Medows is the best!
No complaints, responsive and took care of my speeding ticket.
Very professional, responsive, gives great advise relevant to your case. Able to handle any traffic related violation. My case was a little complex but through his meticulous work, he was able to dismiss my ticket without any points. The case was postponed a few times until he was sure that it can be safely dismissed.
I will highly recommend Mr meadows to anyone whose looking for a great traffic violations lawyer
This guy is the absolute best for any traffic ticket you may have. He’s very upfront and honest. I used Mr. Medows for a few traffic tickets and have had a very pleasant experience. He answers very quickly and explains everything so thoroughly, anyone will be able to understand. You got a traffic ticket and want the best chance of beating it? This guy is a no brainer.
Thank you James for all your hard work!
I’ve been dealing with Mr James for years now and I have to say he and his staff are by far the most pleasant people to deal with. Whenever I’m in a jam, he always answers right away and knows exactly what to do.
I did my research and contacted him to handle my traffic ticket case. He is professional and periodically informed me the status of my case. The overall experience was extremely stress free as I did not have to appear in Court on my end since Mr. Medow handled my case himself. I recommend reaching out to him if you are looking for legal assistance.
James Medows was extremely professional and always in contact when needed. He went above and beyond to do the impossible and saving me my license and a lot of extra fees on top. I highly recommend him and his office to anyone and everyone, one of the most responsive and understanding traffic lawyers there is! Will definitely be doing service with again in the future.
Attorney James Medows was very professional kind and understanding and helped put my mind at ease when taking ove the case I received two tickets one for seat beat and one for not stopping at a stop sign. I was worried about losing my license and big fines and points I contacted Attorney James Medows and he told me to trust him and his firm will take care of everything
Well today February 11.2020 his office had both tickets dismissed I would definitely recommend his office for anyone that has a traffic ticket
I’ve been a client of Attorney Medows for the past five years. He has represented me in speeding, red light, cell phone cases. This past week he represented my father in a case which he was in jeopardy of losing his license. He is good at what he does!. He has a great personality. His prices are fare. I’m never lost as to the status of my case. He emails you detailed updates. If your need a Lawyer, He’s the guy you need.
I think this man is amazing….
This will be the second traffic ticket he has helped me with and has exceeded my expectations. I would never hesitate again in the future to utilize the services of his office.
Very knowledgeable, thorough and efficient. Best of all on my last case he advised me not to hire him because my tickets didn’t carry any points penalties. Very good and honest lawyer.
Dismissed my traffic case! He is super professional and works very quick!
My case was dismissed! The law office was excellent and made the process stress-free and easy. Everything is done remotely so there’s no need to go to their offices. I highly recommend them
Very positive attitude towards his clients Very informational on the phone and gets back to you immediately A lawyer that actually answers his phone not his secretary to take a message I will refer and reuse him again
Awesome lawyer James Medows was able to prevent 8 points fines with a possible suspension of my license from happening. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIS SERVICES TO ANYONE WHO HAS A TRAFFIC VIOLATION. Thanks Again!!!
Could not have asked for a more responsive, professional and organized lawyer to represent myself than James. Found through online search and reading reviews. Never once to he over promise, Misrepresent himself or the situation and was honest and factual to a fault. In the C Plus world that we have come to live in Mr.James Meadows is as A Plus as they come! …. Oh he got my 5 point cell phone ticket dismissed!
James Medows has been handling all my driving infractions which have been substantial. He is an expert in this area and I have had dismissals of tickets because of him. I highly recommend him without any hesistation. He responds immediately to all of my concerns. Thank you again!
My experience with James Meadows was so wonderful! His office took care of everything regarding my ticket this alleviating a great deal of stress for me.
Professional and caring and best of all, successful! I would recommend him to everyone I know! If I could give more than 5 stars I would 💛💙❤️💚💜
James is an excellent lawyer and would highly recommend him to fight your ticket, takes care of your case fully, responds very quickly, and in the end wins it. Saved my husband 5 points !
James was able to get my 6 point ticket dismissed, avoiding fines, points, and any infractions. Appreciate the help and highly recommend!
James is an excellent traffic court lawyer! He dealt with several tickets for me, and I didn’t even have to show up and miss any work for it. And I was found not guilty! So I don’t have to worry about any extra points on my license either. The whole experience was seamless and very positive!
I know how hard beating a ticket in NYC is even with a lawyer but Mr. Meadows made it look easy.Great communication and very helpful and informative.
Retained him for a ticket in Kings County. He stayed on top of everything, highly responsive, reasonably priced, AND HE WON!!!
I hired James Meadows to represent me for a traffic violation ticket in court. During this process before going to court , Mr Meadows explained fully the procedure that I could understand and answered any questions I had thoroughly and returned my phone calls almost immediately. I highly recommend to hire James Meadows to represent you.
James was an awesome lawyer, he got my speeding ticket dismissed 12/18/19
Mr. James Medows just took care of everything! He was always accessible and addressed every concern. What more can you ask for? Highly recommend his services!
This is the number one lawyer for you to fight traffic violations with, the best out of the rest thanks again mr james meadows
James did a great job for me with a traffic ticket I had gotten in Brooklyn. He is very professional and I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a Traffic Court Lawyer A+
I received a violation for using an electronic device while driving. I immediately reached out to James to fight it for me. The entire process from start to finish was extremely awesome. And in the end he got me off the hook and I was found not guilty.
Look no further – this is the lawyer you want to fight your tickets.
Highly recommended
Great professional service,exceptional communication and interest in the positive outcome of a case.Very attentive to the customers.
Very professional and pleasant to work with; resolved my ticket with no fuss and saved me 5 points. Highly recommend!
Professional, always responded quickly, and worth it!
I drive Uber in NY and it’s sad to say but i get tickets all the time for various offenses that I’m obviously not guilty of …wink wink….James had saved me from losing my TLC license over and over again…dont know how he does it but he is the best at it. Prompt and reliable help all the way through the process…Another win by James Medows Law Office! A 3 point dismissal…Thank you so much for your help! Definitely recommend to anyone looking for reliable traffic court defense!
I retained Mr. Medows to handle my traffic ticket from 4 years ago. I was just found not guilty! Mr. Medows is very professional and his service exceeded my expectations. I will recommend him to family and friends. He is definitely the best at what he does. Great experience!
James was quick to respond.
He was forthcoming with all information.
He was kind and professional.
He got ticket my ticket knocked down so I didn’t get any points.
He turned my headache into a piece of cake! Thank you James!
If you need a lawyer for any sort of traffic ticket, I would highly recommend James. He was clear on everything I needed to know, and explained everything very thoroughly to me. He went to court for about a year to fight a ticket for me and which he happened to get dismissed! James amazing service prevented 5 points from being added onto my license. I am very grateful for his service, and will 100% recommend him to everyone! Hire him!!
James displays the utmost professionalism and reliability. He responds quickly and shows he truly cares about his clients. I highly recommend.
Ive used Mr. Medows twice and both times he did me right.
Highly recommended
I drive 40,000 miles per year so getting traffic tickets is inevitable. I use James Meadows to represent me and his performance has been nothing short of specular. Couldn’t recommend him more. Thanks James!
I have a very good experience with this office so far! They keep u updated of your case The whole time ! They will take of your case.
James Meadows office was great . Kept me informed of every aspect of my case
Did everything he said he would.
Was upfront with everything
Great lawyer would recommend him to everyone
Phenomenal service! James is one of a kind. Quick to answer a phone call regarding any questions you may have & always very friendly as if he was your friend and not your attorney. I HIGHLY recommend James for any of your Legal troubles. He will guide you through it all and ensure quality customer satisfaction. 10/10 Service
I appreciate Mr. Medows professionalisms and customer service. He proactively handles my matter with a proper level of updates and proactive communication. Great customer experience! Money we’ll spend! Case dismissed.
Great Attorney. Mr. Medows ultimately got my speeding ticket dismissed He is great, responsive, and very knowledgeable of the law he practices. Would definitely recommend.
Got a speeding ticket worth 6 points on GCP in Queens. Called James, he actually picks up his phone. He walked me through the possible outcomes, the good and the bad. I hired him and now the ticket has been dismissed. I’ve read the reviews and was skeptical but James is the real deal. Still can’t believe it. Keeps you up to date with emails and actual phone calls. Seriously, don’t doubt just call.
NOT GUILTY! Magic words everyone wants to hear. That’s what I got! James Meadows is unlike other “ticket fighters” he is a real lawyer that is not afraid to fight the case in court, while the “ticket fighters” push it off and eventually don’t even show up to court. I highly recommend using him!
Great Lawyer. Dismissed all my tickets. Speedy. Great service. Always keep me updated.
Great service! Extremely responsive! Talked me through tickets and calmed me. Patiently explained when and how points get added (violation date versus verdict date). Very transparent about possible outcomes nevertheless he delivered a not guilty verdict today. Also suggested taking point reduction class (which was easy) and sound advice. Highly recommend James for any driving violations!
I found out about James from a friend of a friend, and decided to give him a call because I had a ticket hearing coming up. The ticket was from three years ago and I had already rescheduled it 3 times on my own. James was upfront about his fee and asked me to send him my information if I was interested. I sent him my info, and he called me right away and told me that due to my specific situation and the specific cop involved I had very low odds of winning this specific ticket. I got my ticket in Brooklyn, NY and there is no bargaining for reduction of points here so it would either be a guilty or not guilty verdict. He told me that he was still open to fighting my ticket if I wanted him to and he would do his best, but wanted to be honest and upfront about my chances because he recognized that it was a bigger risk in this specific situation. I definitely appreciate the honesty, and the way that James conducts his business. Another lawyer wouldn’t have said anything and just taken my money. James is an honest person, and because of this I will definitely recommend him to family and friends and will undoubtedly retain his services in the future for my upcoming tickets. Thank you James!
This office helped me with 2 tickets. They kept me up to date and really worked to get no penalty. I didn’t need to take too much of my own time, they took care of everything. I would use them again, but I hope not to. Great team and very simple process

If you are looking for best traffic lawyer in NYC, LOOK NO FURTHER. You have found it.

I was issued two violations for the same occurrence in Brooklyn, I would get 5 points if found guilty. Although I thought I was innocent I did not dare to go to court myself because 1. it’s almost impossible to win in NYC traffic courts, 2. when it’s your word against cop’s word who do you think judge gonna side with.

I heard countless stories about the traffic lawyers from my friends and almost all of them lost. Those few who won were lucky because cop didn’t show up for court hearing and judge dismissed the case.

I found referral for James Medows online and that’s one of the reasons I’m writing this as someone may read and get help. That person said that he tried countless lawyers in NYC and could recommend Mr. Medows only. I sent him message through his site, immediately he called me back. He’s fast talker, straight to the point, zero BS, values your and his time. He said he’ll try to beat the tickets but there’s no guarantee. He said how much it’s gonna cost and I paid online. Although he was more pricey than regular traffic lawyers he is WORTH every cent, and MUCH, MUCH more. And I paid one fee only because both tickets were issued by the same cop. Mr. Medows postponed the case once, called me few days before the court hearing to discuss the strategy and on next date he beat both tickets. He DID it!!! I would have spent thousands in fines and increased insurance premiums and talk about the headache dealing with consequences. And I didn’t have to appear in the court which saved me money too.

When you go out to dine you wanna food cooked by someone who knows what he is doing, same thing about any other service. Now let me tell you one thing – this is the lawyer that knows what he is doing. Simply the best.

Edit: Just read on Avvo that Mr. Medows practiced criminal defense law before he switched to traffic law. So these traffic cases must be piece of cake for him.

After no years of tickets, I suddenly had four, and was worried about losing my license. After reading the online reviews for James Medows, I called him. He was totally no-nonsense and straightforward, made no promises, but clearly knows how the system works. One of my tickets has already been dismissed, the other hearing put off for another year. I am incredibly grateful to him for handling this for me. The communication before, during and after has been flawless.
For those reading this hire James! I recieved a very bad ticket on a bridge in New York. It was a speed trap and I was very upset. I read reviews and decided to call Mr. Medows. He answered his own phone and right away set my expectations. NY State is tough and James makes that clear. If you think he is tough please go to court yourself and find out what tough is. James Medows had my tickets dismissed after a year and a half of fighting. Amazing!!! Not expected at all and not taking it for granted! Mr. Medows hard work had everything to do with it. His fee is more that fair and in honesty a fraction of what the fines would have cost me. Well worth it and I would recommend James Medows to anyone, especially family who need great representation. He won my case and did it with class!
Mr James Medows, an excellent traffic violations attorney. He’s very professional and informative. He handled my traffic violation and I’m happy with the result. Always answered all my calls. I would recommend him to my friends and family members. Thank you Mr Medows.⭐️.

James Medow is my lawyer!

I can not rave about him or his office enough! The other reviews here that speak about his exceptional work are accurate. DO NOT FIGHT YOUR TRAFFIC TICKETS ALONE!

He understands what needs to be done and as a result, I stand here with a fine for jaywalking as opposed to a fine and 3 points on my license.

James Medow and his office, gets the job done.

This guy is awesome! So far he got two 8 point movinging violations down to no points parking tickets. I should really slow down …. but 25mph speed limit is stooooopid
Best attorney,
Very good communication throughout the entire process and everything was exactly as promised. Successful outcome, very pleased and would recommend. Thanks, James!
Again he did great on my case by finding me not guilty. This guy is an amazing lawyer he keeps you informed on what’s going on and handle your case in a professional manner this guy do not disappoint you he tries his best to make sure you are in the clear of any ticket that you may have I highly recommend his service!!!!!
This was a great experience. I retained Mr. Medows to handle my Red Light Ticket. My expectations were not too high, but I thought that at a minimum, this could delay the addition of points to my license. I was found Not Guilty and am extremely pleased. I heartily recommend Mr Medows for your traffic ticket issues.
Amazing service, came up with a plan and executed perfectly. Provided updates and I felt no stress from the case whatsoever. Thank you!
Very helpful and gave me some very good advice without charging me .
I am glad i chose to hire james meadows as my attorney to handle my traffic violation. Communication was prompt and thorough. Mr Medows was highly affected having my difficult case dismissed. Will definitely use him again. If needed.
Not sure how he did it, but after about 2 years of postponed appointments, my case was dismissed! Saved me a ton of money, totally worth the upfront cost. James was always super prompt with responding.
Amazing service and professionalism. I highly recommend obtains James’ services.
James is great. Communication is on point. Extremely professional. Notified me about when he was appearing, followed up the day of my court date. My ticket was ultimately dismissed. Will definitely use James again
Great work! Very reliable and thorough and efficient.
James is great, responsive and professional. Would recommend.
I received a cell phone ticket. I called Mr. Medows and spoke to him about the incident. I was very upset about this ticket, but left the call feeling better, as Mr. Medows explained the different possible outcomes. The day before court, i receive an email reminder that my case is for the next but i do not have to appear. The day of, I received a text message from Mr. Medows- NOT GUILTY!!. He was very good, kept open lines of communication and I’d recommend him to everyone.
Excellent service , highly recommended

An attorney who genuinely cares about his profession. James has helped me with a ticket but the most impressive thing is I can text him with a question at 7:00 AM or PM and he promptly responds within a few minutes. Keep up the great work James!

Update: I don’t know how but James was able to get my speeding ticket dismissed. Unreal, thank you so much James!!!!

Three years ago, I received a speeding ticket on the South conduit. The officer said that I was doing 50 miles an hour in in a 25 mile an hour non-posted Area. I was in a panic because the ticket indicated I was doing double the speed limit. I contacted the offices of James Meadow and he worked his magic. Through a series of postponements and rescheduling he managed to get 34 months before a decision was Rendered!
Mr. Meadows had gone to court numerous times over the last three years and he managed to get the judge to reduce the points from 6 to 4 points. I am very grateful for all his hard work and efforts. I would definitely recommend his services Without hesitation to anyone who receives a ticket for speeding. Thank you James for a job well done. Mr. Meadows is worth every dollar that I paid.
Approximately 18 months ago after receiving two moving violations one day after another I searched online for an attorney that could assist me with this matter. I immediately came across James Medows rating and reviews. After reviewing many of the comments I decided to reach out to Mr. Medows to see if he could assist me. He was very candid in terms of what he could do as well as set real expectations. Throughout the past 18 months he has kept me appraised of each step of the process thus assuring me that I was in great hands. Yesterday, September 19, 2019 Mr. Medows contacted me to let me know that the 1st of the 2 tickets I received was dismissed. I highly recommend Mr. Medows to anyone looking for assistance in a similar matter. You will be impressed with his commitment, professionalism and honesty.
I had a very good experience,
Very professional always I’ve been updated regarding my case… the best lawyer I’ve ever deal with ..
Highly recommended 👍
I needed a traffic ticket lawyer and thankfully I found Mr. Medows. I called up his office and spoke with his assistant who was very pleasant and took all my information and explained the steps Mr. Medows would take in order to get the best result. It was a speeding ticket and I know those are the hardest to fight.
To my surprise not even a full month afterwards and I got a Congratulations your ticket has been dismissed, great news 👌🏼.
I would definitely keep Mr. Medows information and use him in the future if needs be.
Thank you and I appreciate your services.
This lawyer knows what he’s doing. Let’s face it, if you don’t get lucky or know someone who knows someone then we’re talking about mitigation of damage. When it comes to getting points removed before they take effect or skillfully navigating the system to prevent tickets from hitting all at once James is your man. I am super pleased with his work and the outcome of my first ticket. I have another in the system but am confident that whatever damage it may cause will me significantly minimized by James Medows. I highly recommend him for any traffic violation.
The best service as a lawyer. Really good communication and great work on my case. I recommend this office 100%.
James is very professional. Although he could not help me with my TLC Ticket. He connected me to someone that can. Thanks.
Amazingly fast easy best service super happy with my results
My hearing was on Monday for my red light ticket (3 points). I hired him on the Friday before. He was confident and very straightforward. Not only did James get me a verdict of non guilty, he handled things very smoothly and professionally. I would definitely recommend him and I know who my lawyer will be for any future tickets/cases.
Amazing lawyer! fast, reliable, easy to connect with. He had my ticket completely dismissed saved me from getting any points on a cell phone ticket!!! Highly recommended!
I am so glad I hired Mr. Medows for my speed ticket . He is a honest ,reliable attorney . The first time I called him he answer right away and told me the process . I was very worried about having 6pts on my license and insurance going up. He solved my problem by dismissing the case . I definitely recommend him for all traffic matters. Mr. Medows THANK YOU !
Thank you very much James!!
He finally was able to prove to the court that I am not guilty! My ticket was dismissed successfully!
Highly recommended!👍🏻👍🏻
James Medows is highly efficient and effective. He takes care of his clients, is in constant communication, and has done amazing work. He knows what he’s doing and is always working even when he’s not in the country. A+ guy. Always on point!
James was very helpful and professional. Highly recommend.
This guy is AWESOME!!! Unfortunately, driving/parking here in NYC had been a rough adjustment on me since moving here from Chicago 6 years ago, but thanks to Mr. James Medows, I have NEVER had my license suspended or even gotten a single point on my driving record! I admit, I first picked him because his name is James (just like mines!) and boy did I make the right choice with this guy! Trust me, you can’t go wrong with Mr. James Medows!
This is my third time needing/using his service and again NOT GUILTY! 3 points saved! He is incredible! If you’re looking for a attorney to handle your situation, STOP RIGHT HERE! JAMES IS YOUR GUY! (God just told me to tell you this!)
In my case they did an excellent job, I am very grateful for their patience and kindness, the results were what I expected, I recommend it, excellent
Great experience with James. His office responded promptly to questions and he stayed on top of my case throughout the entire time. He also is very communicative and will text you responses if anything comes up. He explained his approach and is very knowledgeable of the court system. Ultimately ended up getting my ticket dismissed!! Can’t recommend him enough. Best decision!!
Was very professional and kept me in the loop throughout the process. Won my case and was very very satisfied with the services provided. Will definitely be referring to family and friends.
Branden M.
James took on two of my tickets. He was extremely knowledgeable. He was easy to contact and always available throughout the process. He was able to get one of my tickets down from 3 points to just a parking ticket which carriers 0 points. While the other ticket is still pending. I feel very confident that he will get that one dismissed or reduced. I am very pleased and happy with his service. I highly recommend using him. Thanks again James !P.S. I dnt kno why my name is under Bruno Mars lol
Great lawyer did not have to go to court and he beat me speeding ticket save me time and money not to forfor 6 points on my license will definitely recommend and will continue to use his service thanks james great job
Oh man I don’t even know where to start, I called James Medow bout 2 weeks before my court date after I postponed it twice and he managed to get my 2 point ticket and tinted window ticket dismissed. I have another ticket with him and I’m more then confident in him. If anyone needs a lawyer to fight for they ticket violation I’ll definitely recommend James if I was to get a another ticket I’ll hire him again with no hesitation.
Helpful, knowledgeable polite and straight forward. Thank you kindly
If you get a traffic ticket reach out to James before you do anything. His office is very responsive and provides a great service. He’s very knowledgeable and gives you a breakdown of what to expect. Highly recommend.
Well I have never had the opportunity to get a speeding ticket in NYC. And found out things are done differently there compared to Northern NY. So I found this Attorney James Medows. I figured I would give his office a try. They did a great job and my ticket was dismissed. Thanks for all the dedication and hard work. I highly recommend this Law Firm !!
James is really good person and professional
Its a man of his words
Beat the ticket and saved me money
Best traffic lawyer in NYC . My cellphone 5 points traffic ticket has been dismissed.
If you ever get a traffic ticket go to this office. I had 2 tickets and mr Medows got the bigger one dismissed. Now i have another that his taking care of. Excellent service.
Mr. James Medows is an excellent attorney. He always returns your call right away. He is quick and to the point when speaking with him, his fee to represent you is reasonable. When it’s your court date he represents himself on your behalf, so you never have to go to court.
Mr. Medows takes pride in his job and is good as at what he does. Highly recommend.
I can’t say enough good things. Honest, reliable, professional, and get the job done.
I am from NJ and I had no idea of How to handle this NY ticket, His office helped me navigate to it and They took care of everything, He helped me reduced 3 point and I never went to court.. Thanks god!! . Very efficient.
James is the fastest to respond. I called him at 11 pm on a Saturday night and be picked up my call and talked to me like it was normal business hours. By far the most devoted attorney I have ever worked with.
James is terrific! Easily accessible over text and calls and always makes time for his clients. He will be honest and let you know when you do not need his services and went the extra mile to give me advice anyway for a friend even though he said securing him was not necessary. Highly recommend this lawyer!
incredible! don’t hesitate hire James Medows NOW. He took care of a ticket that would have been 5 points on my license. DO NOT THINK TWICE Hire him now
Wow James and his team are truly the best!!! Reduced a 6 point hit to my license to a parking ticket which we all know has no points. Saved me a good amount of money on insurance for sure! I highly recommend this law office! Expect professionals and a staff who will seriously do everything they can to help you. Call them with confidence!
So let me start off by saying I caught a speeding ticket supposedly doing over 100mph coming home from work after doing a double on Xmas day. I started to research traffic lawyers the following day and came across many but something about Mr meadow and a review I read made me give him a call. The review said Mr Medows is a straight forward no bs laywer who doesn’t beat around the bush ( now that was not verbatim) but you get the picture. After having a conversation and meeting him at his Brooklyn officer I felt comfortable and confident that Mr Medows was going to do his best to get my ticket dismissed or the lowest possible penalty. After 2 1/2 years of fighting this ticket he was able to get the ticket dismissed. Saving me the possibility of paying many fees that come attach with this type of ticket. He was always available to answer my concerns or questions through text and phone. I would like to say to anyone who wants to beat a ticket Mr Medows is your guy. Stop your search here and give him a callThank you Mr Medows.
Great lawyer!!! Went to the TVB to give him some evidence to use it but he didn’t even needed it. He got the ticket dismissed before he needed the evidence… Highly recommended!!!
Professional, fast response time.
License got suspended and he worked extremely fast and hard to get me it back. Talks nothing but business. Try’s his best to help you as if it was his own situation. Best lawyer hands down especially at his prices.
If you are the type of person that likes to speak directly to your attorney for any questions or concerns without having to go through an operator then a secretary then a lawyer’s assistant etc.. hire Mr. Medows.
Not only does Mr. Medows provide his clients with his personal contact information but he also responds within minutes. Having the ability to be a call or text away from your lawyer has relieved me of anxiety.My case is relatively new but I have to say I am already impressed with Mr. Medows . I am sure I made the right decision by hiring him.
Needed a ticket dismissed and was going to be out of town for the hearing. Contacted James and got an immediate response. Price and service was way better than the other place I called and he managed to get an 8 point ticket completely dismissed. Highly recommend!
The case hasn’t been closed yet but he has been able to postpone it for 2 years so far. He takes care of everything for you and makes you even forget you got a ticket in the first place!! Great communication and very professional.
If you need a lawyer, to fight a ticket for you James is the guy!! He was recommended by me by Someone as I recommend him to anyone else. He has fought majority of my tickets and I would only go back to him if I had another without a doubt. Excellent service 👍🏻
Great great great guy! Got my four tickets dismissed. Thank you soo much!!!
James Medows office was very professional and solved my traffic ticket problem with no issues. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs legal assistance.
James is quick to respond and knows the nyc court system like the back of his hand. Looking forward to working with him again in the future.
excellent transaction A++, thanks for preventing me to have 11 points on my license! God bless!
James was able to help me win on a ticket in Brooklyn. Ty James. I hope I don’t need your help again 🙂 But I will recommend you.
Awesome experience. Got my stop sign ticket dismissed. They keep you in the loop and are very professional!!!
I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer. James was great and helped me out tremendously. Would definitely be calling him again if ever needed.
he just make things happening
James is great! He is very quick to respond to you, and gladly answers any questions that you have. He helped me out with a ticket that I received while I was in New York, and he prevented points being added to my license.
Has helped me on 5 different occasions, nothing but a 5 star service from start to finish.
Highly recommended
I called for an advised on a ticket I got for tinted windows he told me that I do not need to hire a lawyer for that, very honest lawyer thank you!
Mr. Meadows is a wonderful person. Although he could not assist with my issue in particular, he responded to my request anyway and even went so far as to point me in the right direction. I am hoping I have the opportunity to pay forward the kindness I was shown by James Meadows today.
Been fighting 2 tickets for almost 2 years. Medows got both tickets dismissed. I’m extremely happy!!!
Quick, easy and convenient service. Highly recommended!
I have two pending tickets that I have hired James for. We are still waiting for the court dates to arrive, but so far the experience has been stellar and he answers texts and phone calls near immediately. He even answered my call during memorial day weekend, when he was out with his family, so it is greatly appreciated.
Great service . Strongly recommend.
A1 service
Best traffic lawyer i ever used.
I will be using him again.
Quick and easy. Got violation reduced and points removed. Highly recommend!
Managed to reduce 2 points on a vital 6 point violation against a tough Staten Island judge. Looking forward to hiring him on my future cases.
NYC law office
Call James Medows
He’s the best
Klodian Selami
Am 💯 percent satisfied with the service ,getting my ticket dismisses and not getting any points on my nyc driver license appreciates James medows services.
James Meadow has provided exceptional service ensuring both of the tickets I received has been dismissed. He is very professional and courteous.
James is a class act. The man had the opportunity to take my money and yet offered sound legal advice for zero dollars, even referred me to a lawyer that was more suited for my particular case. This guy is honest and knows his stuff. The next time I need a traffic ticket lawyer he will be the only one I use. Thanks again James!
Best traffic lawyer ever! I have to say that I’ve always had problems with getting pulled over in the NYC area. James Meadows takes care of all my tickets at a reasonable price so I never have to worry about them again. He also saved me money many times when I sent over tickets to him and all they needed was a trip to dmv. He gives amazing advice on how to handle each ticket, and steps in when needed. Highly recommend!
Mr. Meadows is a real professional and knows the traffic laws inside out!
Very satisfied with the service and the result, he just saved me from getting 3 points on my driving record!
Try him if you got any traffic violations and you won’t regret.
I received a cellphone ticket in Manhattan in the summer of 2017. After speaking to a few lawyers and understanding that cell phone tickets in Manhattan can not be plead down to lesser offenses, I realized I needed someone who could take care of this matter. James Meadows is a true professional. He operates like a well oiled machine. He answers all questions extremely fast and has a track record of proven success. Nothing is guaranteed when it comes to fighting a cell phone ticket but with James in your corner you can rest assured he will do everything he can to win. After dealing with my case for 2 years he did just that. Highly recommended.
Thank you .so much .James Medows to fight and win at court for my ticket. This is the right man if you want to fight and win at court
Great service. They respond quickly and keep in touch
Great service, great communication, and works very hard to do the job thats been hired for. Thanks to the Law Office of James Meadows, i was able to keep my job. Five star service accross the board.
Great experience! Smooth and good communication, best is that he got my case dismissed!!! Highly recommend!!!
Mr. Medows was referred to me from another happy and very satisfied client as myself. He was able to prevent 6 points from being added to my clean license! Highly recommend him.
100 percent recommend. I hired James about 3 years ago to fight a cell phone ticket. Within that time I had lost my liscense to another infraction and it was crucial that I did not receive an additional 5 points. Not only was I found not guilty but I did not have to make a single appearance in court. Hire immediately
Got a ticket in Brooklyn (Ocean Parkway/Avenue Z) for allegedly using an electronic device. Faced 5 points. At first, I e-mailed another lawyer, and he said that these types of tickets in Brooklyn are very difficult to beat, and he didn’t even take the case. I reached out to James, based on good reviews online, and he was able to beat the ticket. Needless to say, a big weight off my shoulders. I can highly recommend his services to anyone.
James is an incredibly knowledgeable and articulate legal advocate and an undisputed expert in his field. He is not only professional and exceptional, but very generous in terms of time and details provided. I recommend his superb services to anyone.
James is fantastic! If you receive a traffic ticket in NY, I highly recommend the Law Office of James Meadows. He works hard to create a solid case for you to ultimately get your traffic tickets dismissed. I had received two 31+mph speeding tickets in the state of NY and found James to be a sign of relief. I thought my license was going to get suspended and he saved it!! He tells you exactly what to you, and saves you LOTS of time, energy, and money. His communication skills are OUTSTANDING even on weekends, response is almost INSTANT. Never seen anything like it. WOW is the best way I can describe his services, and I do have an additional ticket pending with him and i’m looking forward to seeing his results. I will be recommending James to all my friends and family.
Mr. Medows is a fantastic lawyer. He has demonstrated excellent professionalism and dedication. Mr. Medows has provided the utmost knowledge of the law and was a supreme representative. If you are looking for a great lawyer, I highly recommend Mr. James Medows.
Was able to reduce my tickets that totaled 10 points. To 0 points. With a fine of course. But doesn’t affect my license.
It was my 3rd time using James and his associates, and I was very pleased with the outcome. From Criminal Defense to NYC Traffic Law, James had my best interest in mind, and executed better than the norm. Very very knowledgeable of the law he practices. I’m already saving the funds to retain him again soon!
Very pleased with the service. The outcome of my 3 tickets was a best case scenario. Communication was very prompt and swift, would definitely use it again.
I highly recommend James Medow’s services. I chose his office because out of all the other firms I called, he personally called me to discuss my case (traffic ticket). He told me how it works in the court system and the chances that I have in court. He didn’t sugar coat anything and didn’t try to sell me up, just gave me the facts and let me decide. I believe he is worth every penny regardless of the outcome. He will do his best for you using his knowledge of the system and experience.
Great laywer! Handled everything from day 1 I reached out to him and won my case!!! Totally worth it.
Oh man James is awesome! A close friend of mine actually referred me to him. He had won & dismissed a ticked for him but lost another. I was hesitant but decided to give him a shot & it was worth every penny! He is very honest and tells you how it is. Everything is based on details and he knows his stuff. I highly recommend him if you’d like someone to keep it real with your situation.The best part is that you don’t have to do much. Once you let James represent you, he makes sure to take care of everything else, Literally! Looking forward to utilizing James & his office’s serviceability again.
5 stars no dreams sold with James Nyc’s best
I got a ticket and was worried about the points being added to my license since I already had 3. Searched for a lawyer and found Mr. Medows. He was straightforward and told me he’d do everything he could to help me. He kept me updated throughout the entire process and got my ticket thrown out. His rating is well deserved. If you need a lawyer, do not hesitate to call him.
James Medows went out of his way to call me on his day off to help and advise me. He was professional, knowledgeable and honest. Mr. Medows was generous with his time and advice- I recommend him highly!
Thank you for your excellent services! Very friendly and efficient. Highly recommended.
I received a ticket while visiting Brooklyn. Searched the internet to see if I could find an attorney to represent me since this was a moving violation. Thankfully, I came across Mr. Meadows’ ad and after speaking with him I fell confident that he would be my best choice. Mr. Meadows is confident, skillful and knowledgeable. My outcome was favorable and I am thankful that I selected Mr. Meadows to represent me. I would recommend him without hesitation if you ever need representation in a traffic matter in the New York area.
Did a great job
James and his team is on point and very professional!! I would recommend him to any one who has a traffic ticket!! He gets the job done!!
Great lawyer!!! I would absolutely 100% recommend using him if you need a traffic lawyer! Not only was quick in responding to emails/phone calls, but he was completely up front with me! He broke every step of the process down for me, so that I would know what to expect. I cannot express how important that was for me! As a CDL holder, losing my license, is losing my job! Mr. Medows helped me to keep that license! I had 2 tickets! 1 for failure to observe and 1 for cell phone GPS… Both were DISMISSED! I will be giving his name and number to all of my coworkers who may be in need a traffic lawyer! I strongly recommend you use him! Look no further than James Medows!!! He’s your man! TRUST ME!!!
I was desperate for a lawyer or legal advise at 5 am, then I came across James Medows contact. I tried my luck by calling and I was grateful and very surprised that he answered. He was very knowledgeable of my situation and give great advise with out taking any money. He put my situation first. Thank you
Got my ticket in August of 2015, I kept rescheduling the court date because I didn’t want to deal with it. James took my case and got my 6 point violation to a 4 point and saved me money on the ticket and suspension of my license. I am happy with the outcome and relieved that I didn’t ever have to go to court.
I’ve used James Medows for 3 different tickets over the past several years. Each ticket he has been able to reduce the number of points or get an outright dismissal. My most recent incident was a 4 point ticket and I received an outright dismissal where I received 0 points. I fully recommend James for any traffic related tickets you are facing!
James took on two of my tickets. He was extremely knowledgeable on the phone and easy to contact throughout the process. He was able to get one ticket dismissed, while the other is still pending. I am very pleased with his service.
James is a great guy. Since the minute i called until my court date. I called or texted anytime he would answer! He dismissed both of my tickets! Highly recommended for anyone looking for a fairly priced proffessional lawyer.
Mr. Medows was very professional, answered all
my questions promptly, and was always available. I felt doubts of paying someone without meeting in person and he was very willing to accommodate a visit to his office and answer all my questions.
Best thing of all he got my husband’s case DISMISSED! Through the process he was very informative with any updates, before we even received the letter through mail. He let me know first hand that he will do everything possible to dismiss the ticket, and worst case at least take 2 points off from the license. He also made it clear that I was paying for him to handle that ticket only, and if my husband got another ticket that would not be included as part of the contract. I liked that he was straight forward and felt confident when signing the contract.Thank you for saving my husband trips to the court, car insurance money, personal days from work, but most of all, thank you for avoiding us unnecessary stress.
I was absolutely satisfied from beginning to end. Extremely prompt and professional. It was a no stress experience and I will definitely recommend your company for any Legal Business in the future to friends and family Thank you .
Great experience. Expert handling. Very courteous. Thank you!
My 8 points for speeding was dismissed. James Meadows is great!!!!
James Medows is great. I highly recommend his services.
Very professional and dedicated to win for you.
Highly recommend. He beat my 5 point ticket. I couldn’t ask for a better lawyer. Thank you James. in new York city you need great Lawyer , you need a lawyer like James. he was recommended by a friend who is also an attorney.
James Medows gets the job done. He is an excellent and hard working traffic lawyer, book him ASAP if you want to win your case!!!
Happy client!
My experience was nothing but exemplary. Professional, Great communicator. More importantly fantastic results!!!
Thanks James.
Recently James had my 2 point ticket dismissed postponed about two years back. always follows up and notifies his clients on any updates.
Have another 6 pt coming. follow up again in a month
Super organized firm! Will use them again for sure
He was able to get my ticket dismissed after being posponed for over a year. His service was great. I would definitely recommend James Medows.
Thank you for everything. I will never be able to say enough great things about you and your practice. You were the only one there for me and it made a huge difference! Thank you again. If anyone reading this is not sure about James, trust me he’s a godsend.
James Medows was really professional and strong when handling my case , he was able to get my 11 point ticket reduced to 8 with no suspension. Trust him when he says he will do his best , and he definitely did.
I have been working with James Medows for quite some time now and I have to say that he really is the best at what he does and he gets the job done! If you ever get a traffic ticket and thinking about hiring and attorney to beat the case, he is your go to guy. 100% without a doubt
I actually waited until the last minute to get a lawyer and he took my case no problem and it was eventually dismissed. He communicates well and responds quickly. He was more than happy to answer my questions. A great experience and I’d definitely recommend him!
James Meadows Attorney has proven themselves to be a very honest firm! Definatly should use them!
Amazing service!!! After my friend referred me to James, I called the night before my hearing was due because I was still debating on whether I should hire a lawyer or not and was not able to reschedule because my stop sign ticket was bonded and eventually just decided to do it. James quickly explained his services and sent me a contract to sign and I Venmo’d him the fee. He then had his friend Paul Villanueva come to serve as my attorney because he wasn’t available today. Today I came in for my hearing and met Paul in the morning. After about 1 hour of waiting, my case was up and Paul got it dismissed in less than 5 minutes!!! I am glad I called and would recommend Paul Villanueva to serve as your traffic lawyer and James Medows for traffic ticket lawyer services!
I am very happy with his services.
Excellent service,Did not have to appear and lose a days pay.Case dismissed.Highly recommend.Could not asked for a better Lawyer.
Would definetley recommend to others.

After searching the web and coming across James I knew I found a great lawyer. He was very through and straight forward. Never made a promise he couldn’t keep and was always a text/call away if I had a question.

9 out of 10 times when you call you’ll be speaking directly to him which I like.

He was able to get my text and driving ticket dismissed saving me the hassle of points on my license!

He has a similar ticket of mine still in play, so I’m looking forward to seeing how that plays out. But as for this first ticket I would highly recommend Mr James Meadows.

If you are looking for a good traffic lawyer, then you’ve found him.
Honest, reliable and affordable.
Earlier this year I was stopped for speeding and was given a ticket worth 6 points. As a result, I began my search for a traffic court lawyer and ran into James Medows. James was very nice and empathic over the phone. After hiring James, the court day was rescheduled twice . Today I received a called from James stating that my case was dismissed. Although I learned my lesson, I was very pleased with the services provided by James Medows. I never had to attend the actually court day or was asked to do anything else but provide him with the ticket information. James handled everything. Totally worth it. I recommend him to anyone and everyone.
Due to a minor traffic infraction, I was facing points on my license over a court case that was delayed by NYC by four years. James was able to not only plea bargain it down, but to have it entirely dismissed. I’m very grateful for his service, and would recommend him to everyone.
Big shout out to James Medows for getting my speeding ticket dismissed!! He contacts you before every your court date and let’s you details and what to expect! This is the guy to call if you want someone to be on top of the job with a great strategy mindset!!! 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾
James Medows was able to get my boss’ ticket dismissed after having it postponed for over a year. I think the judges like him 🙂 I would be happy to recommend his services to anyone looking to fight their traffic violations. On top of that, as many others have said, he was very easy and efficient to communicate with and kept us informed as to the process.
An amazing experience and even better results!!
I had two traffics tickets 3 and 2 points. Lawyer Medows provide his services and worked on my tickets, both tickets were dismissed. I am so happy my license is clean now. Thank you James Medows!!!
To make a long story short . One fateful morning I going to work and got a so eeding ticket on JFK expwy out side Kennedy Airport for 73 mph in a 30 . Eight hours later on my way back home from work I got another speeding ticket on the other side Kennedy Airport (No. Boundary Rd.) for 64 mph in a 40 mph zone . This day was a speed trap . I have live in this area for 63 yrs . And have never seen or experience this before . I know I wasn’ T doing the speeds they accused me of but had no proof .
I was very upset and did 2 hours of research in finding the best lawyer available. Most of them have average ratings and don’t even have a office address. Just a cell phone . Well not James Medow . He had a 5 star rating, a beautiful website and business address . I made a appointment and met him at his address . After I explained what happen he agreed to take my case . And as of 2 days ago he won the case for one of the tickets saving me 6 points, hopefully I will have similar great news for the other .
This lawyer James Medow is the real deal . I am more than happy l’m thrilled .
7 tickets and 14 pending points, James was able to get them all dismissed. I know this is hard to believe, and trust me, convincing James that I wasn’t disrespectful to the PO and for him to agree to represent me for an extremely reasonable rate was incredible. I’ve since recommended him every chance I got. Whether it was his luck or the expertise he has gained in the field, this was an incredible outcome that is still very hard to believe. Thank you again.
I’m very happy with the work Mr Medows did for me. I got 2 tickets at the same time and I reached out to Mr Medows to see if he could help me out.
He explained the process to me, said that he cannot(I made a mistake in my original post saying that you can guarantee results, that was just a typo) guarantee the outcome but that he will do his best.
For a flat fee he went to court for me multiple times(I did not have to attend) and was able to beat one ticket that was 2 points. I was found guilty for the other one but that one was no points.
I am a truck driver and I drive all over the country and NY is one of the worst places when it comes to getting a ticket, it’s very hard to beat it, many drivers told not to even try.
So I’m happy with the outcome.
Thank you Mr Medows!

Very professional and dedicated to win for you.
Highly recommendHe also won my case. He beat my 5 point ticket. I couldn’t ask for a better lawyer.

Hands down the best lawyer. Very humble guy.

Thank you James

Mr. Medows did a great job handling my case. I got two speeding tickets in one month, already had points on my license already. I was sure that my license would be suspended. I found Mr. Medows by chance on an internet search. I called the number and spoke to him directly. He took my case at an affordable rate. After a few postponements, Mr. Medows got my case dismissed entirely. No points, no fine. I never had to appear in court myself and Mr. Medows kept me updated on the case. I would definitely recommend him to anyone dealing with a traffic viloation.
My Husband and I are truly thankful for all you. Thank you
The office of James Medows was able to get me out of my ticket thankfully. They were very easy to work with and would recommend them in the future.
Great communication and service. I hired James a week before my hearing and he exceeded my expectations. He was upfront, honest and extremely professional. James is straight to the point and doesn’t waste any time. I highly recommend his services.
Did a great job he really gets the job done any traffic ticket you want to win definitely go to him A + hands down
Second time getting a ticket dismissed. Great communication. Getting $$ back. Perfect services.
Mr. Medows was very helpful from the initial call all the way through the end of helping reduce a speeding ticket. Very informative, professional and in constant communication. Price was great as well, reccomend using him and his office!
promised me i had nothing to worry about and that i’d never have to even make a court appearance and i didn’t ! got ALL 3 of my tickets dismissed and i couldn’t be any happier THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU
James Meadows and his firm took the time to make sure I would be treated fairly nothing but professionalism very knowledgeable and always available to answer questions I highly recommend people to use his sevices thank you!!!!
James was quick to respond, cordial and helpful. He led me through the process and everything was explained very clearly making the ordeal of fighting my ticket painless. He also happened to have won the case for me:) I’m a fan!
Thank you for a job well done

Mr. Medows is a very professional and capable lawyer. Very efficient, honest and courteous. I would recommend him to everyone.


His professionalism and patience to clients is a five star, and he makes dealing with him an amazing experience !

I would highly recommend him to everyone one

Thank you James you are the best of the best !

James Medows is an excellent lawyer! I got a speeding ticket where the officer claimed I did 43 mph on a 25 mph zone zone (exit 1 off of the Belt Parkway). I chose James because of all the excellent reviews online. When I called James , he explained the process to me, said there are no garuntees but promissed that he would do his best . Yesterday, October 12th he notified me that my case was dismissed! I am so happy. Thank you so much James!
He took 5 pts off my license and i didnt have to my ticket recommend him to anyone who have issues with tickets will use him again if needed
Excellent service excellent lawyer always available and most of all the best results
James is a 5 Star Lawyer. He kept me updated on my case, returned all my texts and phone calls, and got my TICKET DISMISSED!!!! If you are ever wondering if a lawyer is worth the money, trust me he is worth the money.
Did best they can dismisses a back up unsafely ticket which prevented me from getting points and paying fines for it , however second ticket i was found guilty for which was for no registration just felt possibly could have did a better job considering i offered proof of why vehicle didnt have registration at the moment but what can you expect with money hungry dmv ended up costing me lawyer fee 420 to fight both tickets and 180 fines for the ticket i lost … 600 for two tickets i got 4 years ago …
My case was dismissed today! What can I say, James is a stud. I had my first speeding ticket last January. James and his associates helped me all the way. He saved me from all the stress from dealing with it. Totally worth it. I highly recommend this guy.
James is a great lawyer! He is honest about his services upfront and he always keep me updated about my case. My speeding ticket was dismissed. I highly recommend him and yes I will hire him again.
Excellent services they have won multiple tickets for me highly recommend them
Provided help without charging a fee! Very helpful & honest. Excellent communication.
James Medows is fantastic. He took care of everything and got a big 6 point speeding ticket dismissed for me in NYC. I couldn’t ask for a better result. Professional, reasonably priced, and great at what he does. James get my highest recommendation. Thank you so much.
Yes he is the best of the best….Mr James Medows got me dismissal even though I gave him my (6points) speeding ticket 6 days before the court date. He had the chance to just reschedule and pay the bond, but he actually got me the dismissal from the first time. In minutes my bond was refunded. Very professional and straight forward person. Thank you so much.
I was a PA resident when I got a bogus ticket in Brooklyn. James took care of everything, I never had to appear in court and through his hard work my case was dismissed. I recommend James highly!
the best experience I’ve had with a lawyer for the best and good communication With mr. James medow
James Medows was the lawyer I hired after getting a speeding ticket on the Belt Parkway in Brooklyn, New York. I am very happy to say that his service was professional and courteous, his communication with me was flawless, and he wound up getting the case dismissed in court. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs the same type of legal service. I would use him again, but hopefully I’ll never get another ticket. Great job Mr. Medows.
He’s amazing every ticket i get i leave in his hands he gets the job done and always assures greatness thanks James for all your hard work!
james meadows is a fantastic lawyer. he just got my 3 point ticket dismissed. I highly recommend him! He is the only lawyer I wold ever use for a traffic ticket. He was extremely responsive, responsible, and worked really hard on my case.
James was excelent extremely helpful and allways awnsered the phone. he managed to save my license from being suspended
With speeding tickets the fines are never as bad as the points accrued following a conviction. I was charged with doing 72 in a 55 on the grand central and was shopping around for an attorney that will actually try to help me get out of this. After stumbling upon some review on James medows I was still skeptical but went ahead and hired him to do the job anyway. Lo and behold a year later the summons was dismissed without me ever stepping foot in a court room. All I can say is with this type of stuff you get what you pay for. Highly recommended. This guy knows what he’s doing.
Mr Medows was execellent with service and communication,Execellent job done
Case dismissed👍🏾💯%Satiefied
The Law Office of James Meadows is the best as they come. They are professional, and completely honest. They’re really down to earth and make sure you know exactly what’s going on. They communicate clearly and are quick to answer back any of your questions. After contacting them I had a lot less anxiety about the handling of my situation and knew I was getting taken care of. I would recommend them to all my closest friends and family.
He was very responsive and attentive about my case. Thank you. I would definetely recommend him to anyone.

(Translated by Google) Great lot with honest!

Great lawer with honest!

I hired James in 2016 for my son’s speeding ticket. He was looking at 11 points and possible suspension. Mr Medows kept me updated and answered all my questions. He was able to get my son’s cased dismissed!!! All I can say if you need a lawyer he is your guy..I highly recommend Mr. Medows.
I hired james for a 6 point speeding ticket in 2016. There was no way of pleading this ticket down and he let me know that while he cant guarantee a dismissal he would do his best to beat the ticket. 2.5 years later he was able to get my ticket dismissed. I highly recommend him.
James was the best. He stayed with my case for years; fought to get my ticket dismissed completely. Not only do I have no points on my license, but the city had to refund me $40. He also emailed me the form and helped me get that back!!! No points no pay, medows all day
James was incredibly prompt, professional, and was able to get my ticket dismissed. He handled my case without me having to do a thing and answered any questions I had right away. Worth every penny!!!
He was able to have my ticket dismissed. Thx you
No nonsense and right to the point. Open honest and got the results. If you have a traffic ticket, I wouldn’t think about going to anyone else. Would most certainly use again!
James is efficient, knowledgeable, and professional. He kept me posted every step of the way and yes my ticket was dismissed!
James is a true professional. He helped me substantially reduce my traffic violation. It would have been unreasonable for me to expect a full dismissal based on the gravity of the offense but the decreased fine more than covered his fee and then some. More importantly, I avoided multiple trips to court. Anybody who has a traffic ticket should hire James Medows. He will take good care of you.
Had a great experience using james medows law office. He got my ticket dismissed when he works with you he’s very straight forward, organized and ambitious unlike some lawyers. Hopefully I won’t have to but would definitely use him again highly recommend to use his service’s. Thanks again james!!
James Meadows is a great attorney. I received a ticket for running a red light. James patiently explained my options. He also did not make any promises that we would beat this ticket, but laid out the procedure and what he could do for me. He also was able to go to court without me which saved me from taking off from work. It turns out that my ticket never posted on NYC’s website. Every month he sent correspondence that the ticket has not appeared. Last week he informed me that it still hasn’t posted and he was refunding my fees. A more honest attorney you will never find. I highly recommend James Meadows and would use him in the future if I unfortunately receive another ticket.
Thank you mr James for handling my case very professionally.
I’ll recommend my friends your service. You’re the best.
James is a good no bs professional lawyer. He took the time to understand what was going on fought really hard to get my 11 point speeding summons down. As you know, 11 points will normally result in a license suspension. He was able to get me off with a warning with minimal fees and more importantly my license was not suspended. I also reccomend him to my dad who also had positive things to say about him as well.
James Medows to was very quick to respond when I first reached out to him and always got back to me promptly with answers to my questions. I was caught doing more than 25 above the speed limit on an off ramp with a construction sign. He managed to get the case dismissed. I would’ve received an astronomical amount of points and since I commute with a company vehicle for a living, it may have cost me my job. Thanks again to James Medows for an awesome job. I highly recommend him.
Great lawyer got some things resolved for me and we still working on some others would definitely give him an opportunity again if I was to need it but let’s hope not
Great service.
he keep me updated and dismissed all my tickets !!!
highly recommend!!!!!
Very helpful and understanding. I will use his services again.
James Meadows is an excellent traffic law attorney and his experience is evident in his performance
He recently represented me in a traffic violation
And I was pleased with result. In addition he contacts you when necessary and answers any questions you may have. I felt I had the right representation throughout this process and Thank you James !!!
James Medows just sent me a text that he got my potentially 6 point speeding ticket DISMISSED!!!! That too a ticket given to me on the BQE in Brooklyn by a highway cop which normally would be highly unlikely to be dismissed in almost any other situation. I’m so glad I have used his services and my license remains point free! I would recommend him 100% and will be using his services in the future if the need arises.
Best experience!!!
James was honest and truthful, he kept me informed during each step of the process. If your working late he will call you after 6 when possible. I recommend his services.
James is very professional and reliable. He attends all the scheduled hearings and was able to get me off the hook. Great job James, thanks for your help. Will definitely use his services again.
The postman of traffic lawyers. He delivers!!. Thanks James
I had a speeding ticket of 81mph at a 50 mph limit under the Verrazano Bridge on the Belt parkway. This was a 8 point ticket and i was referred to this Lawyer named James Meadows by a close friend. The Best in Brooklyn!! He got this traffic ticket dismissed almost a year later before the court date. He works his magic and truly professional! This guy is equipped with an amazing noggin. He will forever be my lawyer against these crooks we call police when it comes to traffic. Hes a bang for your buck! Thank you James!
Gives his time and attention to his clients at all times.
Mr Meadows fought a moving violation ticket for me. He was extremely communicative throughout the process on what to expect and the timeline. In the end, he was able to procure a not guilty verdict for me which was a wonderful ending to an overall positive and professional experience. I️ would recommend him and use him again in a heartbeat.
James is an efficient, personable lawyer who got my 8 point speeding ticket dismissed.
If you require legal representation, I would highly recommend his services.
Hopefully I do not get a speed ticket again, but if I do, I will retain James’ legal representation again.Thank you, James!
This is my impression of attorney James Meadow: After reading his reviews, I thought that I would give him a try for some moving violation tickets that I had gotten. I call his office and the secretary answered , took my info told me he would get right back to me. In about less than an hour, that is what happened. He told me up front that he would fight to get me a not guilty plea but that nothing was guaranteed. He also told me that he was neither the cheapest guy in town ,nor the most expensive. I told him I’d think . To make a long story short, He found out that I had already paid other lawyers for handling these cases, something that I had forgotten about. He called me and told me no problem , that he would refund my money minus the pay pal expenses with NO extra administrative fees. I offered something to him for his troubles and he told me to not worry about it. My impression of him is that he does what is right by his clients and that he takes care to protect his rep. I liked him and i will remember him for anything in the future.
James Medows is very professional, he keeps you informed right away with the results on your case doesn’t leave you in suspense. He was able to take my traffic violation case and turn the outcome in my favor, I was found not guilty. I will recommend Mr. Medows to all my family, friends and use him for future services.
James did an awesome job of keeping me up to date with the hearings and finally he won!!! I am very happy
I found James Medows when I needed a traffic court attorney. It was well worth the investment, as he remained in contact from the first day I contacted him about my case until the day my case was closed. He is very helpful and knowledgeable, and thanks to James, I was found not guilty for both of my tickets, saving me about $2000 in insurance costs and DMV fines. I highly recommend James Medows to anyone who needs a reliable and successful traffic attorney.
I am from NJ but was in NYC last year when I found myself making a right hand turn as the light turned red. I was stuck in the cross walk and blocking pedestrian traffic. I had to make a decision to stay or go and I went. I got ticketed for Disobeying Steady Right, and Failure To Yield to Pedestrians While in Crosswalk. 2 tickets for the same offense is OUTRAGEOUS!!! I was facing 6 points between the two tickets!!! On top of that, if you accrue 6 points in NJ you have to pay additional fees and surcharges every year until the points come off. AND even though I’m a Jersey driver I would have had to pay NY fees for carrying 6 points since the tickets occurred there!!! I haven’t even gotten to the insurance surcharges that will make you pass out. That’s when I called James. Long story short: Good luck pleading your case to a traffic cop. Good luck pleading your case to a judge. I plead my case to James. Took pics of the tickets, and sent James back a signed contract along with a check for his fee. I didn’t have to show up for the hearing March 7th. James got one of the tickets dismissed and it saved me literally A FEW THOUSAND DOLLARS over the next few years!! Thank you James!!!!
James is great lawyer and very professional. It took a while but his presistance and tensity prevailed.
Also, James is honest and less expensive than others.
I highly recommend his office.
Thanks for the dismissal of my ticket… always a quick response to any of my inquiries.
Great service. Excellent communication!
James is a super hero. He works hard to get only the best results for you. RECOMMENDED!!!
Mr. Medows really delivered for me. I highly recommend that you hire Mr. Medows if you have a traffic ticket and need to fight it. Through skilled lawyering and holding the government to their burden, he was able to get the exact result I was looking for. Thank you!
Mr Medows is an amazing lawyer very honest. He kept a very strong communication also so u won’t need to wonder what is going on with your case. I was more than satisfied with his service and would recommend him to anyone .You won’t regret the investment.
James is a great lawyer always keeps in touch with his clients and kept me posted on everything that was going on with my case he got my case dismissed and informed me right away thank you James for your service I will definitely hire James medow again
James Medows is highly responsive and professional. His follow up and attention to detail are exceptional.
Flawless experience from start to finish. James set expectations and was able to get my ticket dismissed when finding out about it only 3 days prior. Will recommend highly.
He was able to save my license and thats what i was looking for. He dropped my ticket from 6 points to 4 points. And for the lowest price i was able to find.
Mr. James Medows was very professional, efficient, and hard working person. He was very clear on the situation. My friend recommended me to him and he knock my 6 points speeding ticket into 4 points even though i was expecting to dismiss the whole 6 points however, 4 points instead of 6 points save me dmv surcharges and driver assessment fee. Thank you for your service
Not only was he very quick to answer all my questions, but he was very honest with me. He wasn’t a typical traffic lawyer that just wants your money & doesn’t care if he wins or loses. He was completely honest & recommended another lawyer who was from my borough & would have a better chance to beat my ticket due to a better relationship with the judges. Thank you once again for your honesty
Highly recommend.
Had a stop ticket.
Called James meadow and he told me his plan to fight the case.
I agreed with his method and hired him immediately.
Hiring James meadow was a great decision.
He made sure everything was convienent for me.
I never had to make any appearance in courts.
I trusted him and he took care of everything.
Finally when my case was up,
James meadow went to represent for me and the judge found my charge NOT GUILTY.
Thanks a lot James !
Called literally less than 12 hours before my hearing
They were extremely accommodating and calmed all my nerves. Entrusted them with my services and case dismissed ! Would highly recommend!
Mr. Meadows saved me from getting my license revoked! Had 3 tickets dismissed! Will definitely be contracting him again! Thank you again Mr. Meadows!
was my first speeding ticket ever. My friends gave me sevral lawyers to contact. For some reason i wasn’t convinced with the other lawyers when we spoke. I started my research & came across Mr. James law office & glad i did. Mr. James was very professional on the phone, always responded to my phone calls or text messages. Always answered my questions right away. My date was postponed twice & i never needed to call him to remind him not to forget about my date. He sent me a reminder text message & email the night before & was there on time. I always got a follow up Email with a recent update followed by another text message. My case was dismissed & Mr. James called me saying: Wanted to say Congratulations in person & tomorrow you will receive an official Email. I did receive the email on time & gave his number to all my friends. He is the best! Thanks Mr. James for everything
All around a great experience. Good communication throughout and James delivered on helping me. 5 stars!
Mr.Medows 100% professional. Keeping you always informed of case status. Strongly recommend him to everybody for any case. Absolutely trusted lawyer!
I recommend Mr. Medows to anyone who needs to fight A ticket. He is prompt, professional, informative, and efficient. He keeps you updated every step of the way, and is straight forward letting you know realistic expectations, not selling you dreams. Thank you again Mr. Medows!
James was every professional! He kept it real with me and set the proper expectations! Also he kept me updated throughout the process. The best part is that I don’t have to show up at court! And he won my case!
james was a awesome attorney for my dwi…..can i say case dismissed!!…his litigation is excellent….thanks again James
Fabulous service. Took care of everything from start to finish. James is the way to go. Highly recommended.
Great lawyer. Always on top of the court dates, and lets his clients know of any changes. Very attentive and knows his job well. Best lawyer around for your traffic tickets

Never have I had such a smooth, convenient and reliable interaction with a lawyer. He is honest and he works with extreme urgency, as if he were working on his own behalf. But most importantly, he gets the job done every time. Thank you Mr. Medows for believing in me and for all that you’ve done!

Gratefully blessed,

Elan Amishay

Always prompt, professional, and by far the most competent traffic Attorney you will find.
Law office of James Medows strives on excellent and professionalism I am one of the recipients of this high quality of service thank you Mr James Medows for your expert advice and services
Amazing job!
Mr. Medows is an extremely professional and outstanding lawyer. Mr. Medows kept me posted, responding to all my questions immediately and outlining different steps in the process. Overall, he and his office offered great service, working in a timely manner. I highly recommend him to anyone with a traffic violation. I was 100% satisfied with the results, since Mr. Medows was able to help me win the case without having to actually appear in court.
James is extremely responsible,responsive and great at what he does. He is always on top of his game and knows the system. I will continue to use him and only him in any traffic law situation.
James came highly recommended by previous clients of his. He’s incredibly responsive and handles things in a very timely manner. He handled our case and helped us a achieve a favorable outcome.
Mr. Medows is a total professonal; even though needing an attorney was not a pretty thing, using him as my defense attorney was the best decision I have taken in years. If you need a lawyer contact him quickly.
The Law Office of James Medows is exceptional! He kept me informed every step of the way. I immediately felt at ease knowing my case was being handled professionally. I couldn’t ask for better results, after 18 months case dismissed. James Meadows is the absolute best.
He got my ticket dismissed when other attorneys got a guilty verdict for me, I would use James Medows and recommend him to any TLC driver who needs to protect their livelihood.
Amazing results. I hired another attorney and lost a traffic ticket so i assigned james meadows for the 2nd one and he easily won in court. Would hire him again and recommend all tlc drivers to hire james meadows to protect your livelihood. Thank you Mr Meadows
I can not tell more about mr Meadows professional attitude and his high moral but refer to proverb that says honesty is the best policy. I am not good at dealing with tickets. So I hired and paid him to defend my so-called case. After two days he calls me back and says that I do not need him for that case as I can hadle it myself by telling me the trick. He could have charged me for that too but to my shock he even refunded my money telling he is honest and can not take the money. Yes sir you are an honest man indeed. Hats off to you. And God bless you. Ameen.
Had a ticket for using a cellphone while vehicle in motion I knew the officer falsely accused me of doing so as a driver in NYC my license is crucial for work and wasn’t willing to take any chances with a 5 point ticket. I got online researching Lawyers for this case spoke to a few but wasn’t satisfied found James Meadows and within 15 minutes on the phone I had felt confident on choosing the right person for the Job He beat the ticket While I went to work gave the news I wanted to hear I know moving forward if there is any tickets I know who to call and strongly recommend his services.
James Meadows, Esq is professional, communicative, and courteous. He kept me informed throughout the process and took the time at the beginning to explain everything. I highly recommend Mr. Meadows should you require assistance.
Great lawyer and easy to work with. Got my 6 point speeding ticket removed. Couldn’t be more satisfied.
Extremely satisfied with the professionalism, ongoing follow up and more importantly the dismissal of the moving violation which is 3 points. Highly recommend Mr. Media as. A rock star. Keep up the good work :).
I received a ticket that would have cost me a lot of money and 5 points on me driving record for something that I felt I wasn’t guilty of. I googled traffic lawyers and James Meadow had the best reviews and I now know why. He took over the case and was able to get the ticket dismissed. I didn’t have to fight a case by myself and I didn’t even have to show up to court. James got my ticket dismissed and I no longer have to worry about the points, fees and insurance increases. I highly recommend James services. He makes it easy and convenient to do busy with him.
At first I didn’t believe the hype reading all the reviews, but after calling around and talking to a bunch of attorneys, James Medows was the only one that was plain and blunt with my situation. Decided to hire the guy, cause again, he was the only honest and straightforward attorney I’ve spoken to about my traffic violation. Long story short, this guy works hard, keeps you informed, and gets results. He got my case dismissed and I couldn’t be happier. Will definitely use my Mr. Medows again. Don’t think twice, call the guy and see for yourself.
I am not a personal friend or paid to write this review. I was compelled to do so. I received a speeding ticket on the Belt Parkway. I hired James Medows after reading reviews on Google about him. I drive for a living and I was so nervous about what the outcome would be. I thought he was rude at first but actually James Medows is painfully blunt and straight to the point. He was available to answer my questions. I even called him on a Sunday and he still made time for me. He got the job done. He is very serious about his business and gives 150 percent effort. If anyone needs help with a ticket, don’t bother calling anyone else. I don’t like rolling the dice. I prefer someone who really works hard to get the best possible results. Thank you Mr. Medows for getting me out of this jam.
James was professional and courteous and kept me updated throughout the whole process. Great outcome. Definitely recommend!
James was great, he have helped me and my father a lot of times. He was always there to let us know how things are going and always informed us he will do his best. Thank you for all of your help. Pleasure to do business with and our family depends on James. He is always on top of everything and does his best! I really appreciate it.
James Medows is an amazing lawyer. I was facing a 3 point stop sign ticket which he was able to dismiss it on a technicality. Definitely recommend him!
I got nailed for speeding on a major avenue in Brooklyn thanks to DeBlasio’s vision zero scam. When I decided last minute to fight the ticket Mr Medows was easy to reach and retain. After one rescheduled hearing, my ticket was dismissed! Highly recommend him and now have him on speed dial.
5 of 5 stars for this service. I was hit with a 90 in a 40 work zone. Facing 11 points. Suspension and fines and assessment fees and insurance premiums. Mr. Medows kept me updated through the process and got my case dismissed. Highly recomended traffic attorney. Again 5 of 5 stars.
He’s the man gave me advice free of charge
After talking to James I felt confident, he is very professional and explains every possible outcome in detail, kept me informed every step of the process. He was able to have an erroneous stop sign ticket dismissed. I am very grateful, you are a blessing. Definitely deserving more than 5 stars.
Great experience, very professional. Got my ticket dismissed. I can truly give him the highest recommendation.
The service Mr. James Medows provides to many is simply invaluable. Most of us retain attorneys for the same reason, and he delivers exactly that – RESULTS! James got my cell phone ticket which is a 5-point violation dismissed! He sure works magic! Highly recommend to everyone who is looking for results.
Lawyer Medows defendended me in a profession manner and was able to reap the outcome I was most hopful for. What I admire most about Lawyer Medows is his experience and his consistant way of following up to keep me informed as to what took place in court while I was not there. I would highly recommend James Medows Esq to represent all my friends and family who find themselves in my situation
Handled all of the issues for me, with absolutely no hassle. Got my ticket dismissed and saved me a huge headache. Very satisfied
Excellent service. As a Commercial truck driver, a clean MVR is critical to my ability to earn a income. James Medows stay in the figth with me for almost a year and keep my record clear. Can’t thank him enough, excellent work. Appreciate your dedication James, thank you.
James Meadows is excellent, he worked diligently on my traffic ticket. His efforts has gotten my ticket dismissed, I will refer him to everyone I know that ever has to “beat that ticket”!
satisfaction was delivered, I am happy i found James Medows to resolve my issues i Recommend him 100%
James was incredible, got my ticket dismissed for a fair price. I had been driving in the USA with a UK license too long and I failed to produce insurance when I was stopped, so not trivial.

James is the business… responded in less than an hour on a Sunday morning, he said mail me the tickets and put it out of your head!!!!

All facts, tickets dismissed!!!!

James was able to have an erroneous stop sign violation dismissed and, throughout the process, was highly professional, courteous and honest. He kept me informed at every step and deserves to be recognized as one of, if not, the best traffic lawyers in New York City. Thanks again, James.
I called Mr Medows to inquire about his services, when he answered the phone he was leaving to the airport to go on vacation, but he took the time to talk to me. I explained my situation and he jumped on it.
He is very honest, reliable, keep you on the loop all the way, extremely helpful and detailed. Definitely a very good experience. In conclusion will recommend his services anytime.
Keep the good work.
Very good experience. Would definitely use his services again if needed. I highly recommend Mr Medows.
Explained things in full and very professional. Got my ticket dismissed. Definitely recommend working with him!

I generally don’t bother to write reviews. I just rank a business with the stars and leave it at that. However, James Medows deserves some kudos for his abilities as a traffic ticket attorney. He got our cell phone ticket dismissed. Great success in court! He also refunded bond fees which was not used. Honest, affordable, professional & so efficient! He kept us updated every step of the way and didn’t make any false promises. He is great at giving you the real full story of what could happen. In my case he took the right step at the right time & that paid off. No points, No fines 🙂

I hope to never get a ticket again but if I do, there is no one else I would call.

James is the BEST. I wish I could rate him ten stars….

Great Lawyer, knows his stuff , straight to the point would highly recommend!
Veryyyyyyy good and honest guy I gave him 3 cases 2 redlight and 1 stop sign I’m facing 12 points on my license 2 of the cases has bin settled so far and NOOOO points on my license one more to go and I’m confident that he will get that dismissed too thank you James Job well done…,
James Medows was outstanding in bringing my case to conclusion in my favor. Over the one and a half years that it took to settle the case, he kept me totally informed. He was always available to answer any and all questions that I had. I can truly give him the highest recommendation. James Medows is an excellent attorney!
James got my speeding ticket of 11 points dismissed. I was facing a possible suspension and a hefty fine. When I first consulted with James he was honest and didn’t gurentee a victory but said he will do the best he possibly could. What he did gurentee was that he could have the points drop from 11 to 6 if convicted and will not have me suspended. He’s the best lawyer for traffic tickets. Im very satisfied with the outcome and will definitly use his services again. He doesn’t try to rip you off with prices like most of these lawyers do as he charges a flat fee.
James is an honest straight shooter. Rather than take my money and give empty promises, he gave me expert consultation instead to have me avoid going down an expensive route. He gave me the considerable outcomes of whatever choice I made. Based on his advice, I got a big problem off my chest. If I’d ever need a lawyer, I’d trust his logic and foresight over other attorneys since he seems to genuinely care about your situation. Office hours don’t apply to him and he’d gladly call you in the middle of the night to help you with what you need. Thank you.
When I got my speeding ticket I was so scared and nervous because it was my first speeding ticket after all. I did numerous research on line for the best attorney who will fight my case. I read a lot of great reviews about other attorney but I could not shake the feeling to go with Mr. Meadows so I choose him. It was the best decision I ever made, my speeding ticket was dismissed . He is a fair attorney and no matter how many times you reach out to him , best believe he will retuned your calls. That is the kind of attorney I will work with any day any time. Thank you Mr. Medows for a job well done.
Just like all the other positive reviews say James was positive, honest, straightforward and helpful! I would recommend him for sure!
James is the man the, bottom line he got the redlight ticket dismiss , it you get a ticket just call him, its worth every penny he charge . My wife had a red light ticket on eastern PKY and utica ave in brooklyn, i was there in the court when he asked and started grilling the officer, the officer did not have any answer to the basic question he was asking such as how many traffic control are at the intersection and do they all change at the same time. The judge dissmissed the case base off the question JAMES asked.

James Meadows is a very knowledgeable and experienced lawyer. I got into a predicament myself and was my first time in which I had to lawyer up. A friend of mine gave me his contacts. The first time I met him, he assured me that everything was going to be OK. Even though you may not know any law technicalities, you can ask him anything and he will respond back, whether via text/email/call. He makes you feel invulnerable when he defends you in the courtroom.

In a nut shell, if you ever do get into trouble, minor or major, James is there for you. He will provide you with comfort and certainty that everything will be OK.

Even though my case is finished, I still have him on speed dial and 5 stars is an understatement!

James Medows exceeded my expectations in my case. He is very transparent and resourceful in his work. I believe if not for his expertise i would be rotting up-north for fire-arms charges. In the time of need Mr. Medows served as a guiding light in my life. Today i have much faith in him and usually call him for any legal advise. What is also exceptional about Mr. Medows is the fact that he’s Technologically advanced compared to the average attorney. He’s easily contacted by cell-phone or e-mail. This serves as a great privilege by eliminating the communication barrier that seems to be common in dealing with other attorneys. James Medows is the representation of excellent law services. I highly recommend.
Mr Medows Is One Of Brooklyn’s Finest Attorney’s He’s Always On Time Also Keeps You Informed On Whats Going On With Your Case. He Is Nothing More Than Amazing If I Had To Do It Again I Would Bet My Bottom Dollar He Would Do It With Me Holding My hand Every Step Of The Way. I have Had Serious Cases And Mr Medows Has Gotten Me Out Of Them So If You Are Looking For A Lawyer That Is Down To Earth And Keeps It Real And On Time With EVERYTHING! Then This Is The Guy For You. I Promise! Thank You Mr. Medows For EVERYTHING!! Timothy Willams.
Hired James Medows overnight & by the morning he was present, first lawyer in the court house. He’s always able to respond to questions or concerns either via phone call or text. Straight forward honest answers. Compared to what I was up against, I received great outcome. Great lawyer & a better person.
I have had Mr.Medows defend me for several months and i can personally say that he did a phenomenal job. James Medows is the best at what he does and i highly recommend him.He is professional and has a vast knowledge of the court system. My time with Mr.Medows was excellent and i give no less than five stars.
James Meadows is reliable, efficient, effective and compassionate and “your go to” lawyer when in need. I highly recommend him. He is also fair with his fee!
I was referred to Mr Medows through a friend and was a little nervous at first. I called James and he called me back rite away. He took my case and was very polite and straight to the point. I never had to chase him or call him for an update. He’s on his game and is availible to help you to answer your questions. He took my case and fixed it with flawless efforts. I would recomend him to anyone. Thank you Mr Medows!
James Medows is the attorney to seek if you need someone who is honest and gets the job done. He was extremely helpful and responsive to all of my texts and calls almost immediately. When I was afraid and hopeless, he calmed my fears and assured me that we would have a favorable outcome, which he delivered on. You couldn’t ask for fairer pricing from a criminal defense attorney in this town. I fully recommend Mr. Medows to anyone who finds themselves in a difficult criminal matter.

I had the delectation of meeting Mr. Medows when he represented my brother-in-law. His experience with was nothing shy of exquisite. He is straight to the point and gets the job done. Needless to verbally express he is an eccentric dresser. My brother in law describes up as very patient and is always thinking of the next move. He is very ethical and takes time to auscultate to his clients. He didn’t feel talked down to or neglected whenever he called him. He would definitely recommend him to anyone that requires a criminal defense attorney.

P.S. Not Guilty – All Counts —-J.F.L.

Mr. Medows is an exceptional attorney. I was treated with respect and understanding by Mr. Medows, his understanding of the law is beyond adequate. Mr. Medows turned what I thought would be months of court visits into a few short weeks. I am very satisfied with the final outcome as well as the experience as a whole. If you are looking for an attorney who is both, compassionate and efficient, then I highly recommend retaining the services of James Medows.
This is my first time in need of an attorney and I must say I was very pleased with James Meadows service. The experience was much more than I expected and this was because of James commitment and dedication. He was professional all the way up until the favorable result and after. He instilled confidence in my diffucult case and communicated with me every step of the way. He was cordial and courteous. James was very understanding and realistic to meet both our needs during this case such as location, fees, availability etc. If ever,in which I hope i’m not in a situaton like this again James Meadows will be my first and only pick to defend me.

Contact James Medows