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Park Slope Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Contrary to popular belief, speeding violations can be fought and won. Find out how by consulting with a Park Slope speeding ticket lawyer.

It’s the rare driver who doesn’t get a speeding ticket at some point in his or her life. Unfortunately, while speeding violations might be common, they can have some seriously negative repercussions on both your life and your bank account. Getting a ticket doesn’t automatically make you guilty, however.


It’s never a good idea to simply sign a ticket, admit guilt, pay the fine, and move on. Doing so will result in a number of consequences that will follow you around for years to come. Instead, it’s better to fight your ticket and find out if it can be dismissed or at least reduced in severity.


By working with a Park Slope speeding ticket lawyer from the Law Office of James Medows, you can give yourself the best chance for achieving this goal.

Consequences of Admitting Guilt for a Speeding Violation

If you admit guilt or are found guilty of a speeding violation in traffic court, the conviction will mean that you’ll be subjected to several potential penalties. Possibly most serious is the possibility of up to thirty days in jail. A jail sentence is uncommon, however, and only likely if you were driving at an especially reckless speed or have a number of prior traffic offenses on your record. Your Park Slope speeding ticket lawyer can help you determine if this is likely in your case.


That being said, a conviction will definitely result in driving violation points being assessed to your license. The exact number of points you receive will depend on how many miles per hour over the speed limit you were driving at:


  • Three Points – 1–10 mph over the speed limit
  • Four Points – 11–20 mph over the speed limit
  • Six Points – 21–30 mph over the speed limit
  • Eight Points – 31–40 mph over the speed limit
  • Eleven Points – More than 40 mph over the speed limit


At six points within eighteen months, you’ll have to start paying an annual surcharge in order to maintain your drivers license. This starts at $100 and increases by $25 for every point over the first six. At eleven points, you lose this option and your license will be suspended.

Speeding Violation Defenses

What defense should be employed will depend on the circumstances surrounding your alleged violation. Our firm has substantial experience building effective defenses for speeding ticket cases, and we’ll be able to determine what the weak points in the case against you are.


These are just a few possibilities:


  • Traffic was congested and the officer mistook your vehicle for the speeder’s
  • The equipment used to clock your speed was inaccurate or not maintained properly
  • An emergency made driving over the speed limit necessary
  • Even though you were speeding, driving conditions at the time made it proper

Consult with a Park Slope Speeding Violation Lawyer

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