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NYC Speeding Violations Laws and Penalties

NYC Speeding Violations Laws and PenaltiesNew York City officials are very serious about the way they manage traffic issues. Because of this, the NYC speeding violations, laws, and penalties can often seem extreme to those who have to deal with them. After all, you might expect to pay a fee when you get a ticket. However, in NYC things may not be that simple. Many of the details depend on the particular violation, but some depend on your driving history as well. Many can also affect your future in multiple ways, including employment potential, finances, and even your ability to drive.

Previous Driving Record

As with just about any driving record in any state, your previous record plays a large part in how your speeding violations pans out in NYC. In fact, in an effort to discourage drivers from becoming repeat offenders, NYC may have even stricter penalties than other states. NYC operates on a point system, with points serving as strikes. The more points you have, the closer you are to losing your license. Even if you don’t lose your license, an excessive amount of points means you will pay more for your speeding ticket overall than someone who doesn’t have those points.

Fines and Fees in New York

The fines and fees associated with speeding tickets in New York vary according to the speed and location where you get the ticket. However, NYC has a system in place that means your ticket can cost you well beyond the one-time fee. Although your driving record is considered, so is your behavior at the time you get the ticket. For example, refusing to take a chemical test can cost you the fee of a Driver Responsibility Assessment. This fee starts out at $250 a year for three years, but it can increase with the number of points on your license. It’s actually a complicated system and most often requires the assistance of a qualified NYC traffic lawyer.

Drugs and Alcohol

If drugs or alcohol are part of the incident, you can expect much higher fees and penalties. NYC officials take the use and influence of drugs and alcohol on your driving to especially serious. The charges can vary depending on the drugs or alcohol in your system, but the fines won’t be just about speeding. The drug and/or alcohol charge can become an entirely separate matter.

It’s impossible to provide an exact description of all the NYC speeding violations, laws, and penalties because they change with every person and event. You may face one fine for speeding, another for excessive points, and yet another for drugs and alcohol. Further, if your license is suspended, you can face a completely different set of fines and penalties.

Traffic violations may seem like simple matters but can actually become quite complicated. If you are confused about exactly what you face with a speeding ticket, or what will happen if you plead guilty, contact James Medows online or call or text (917) 856-1247 immediately.

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