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NYC Traffic Violations Penalties

NYC Traffic Violations PenaltiesWhen it comes to fines, fees, and other penalties. NYC traffic violations penalties are going to be a bit different than the penalties implemented in areas outside of Rochester and NYC. They might even be more expensive than in the city. However, NYC authorities take traffic violations seriously, and there may be fines and penalties outside of the tickets themselves, depending on your driving record and how you handle existing tickets. Commercial drivers can expect higher fines and stricter governing of the license in general.

Paying Fines and Responding to Tickets in NYC

When you get a traffic ticket in NYC, it will list the charge, date by which you need to respond to the charge and in some cases, the fine for the charge. At this point, there are a few options. The ticket can be paid online, ignored, or you can respond in person by the date on the ticket. If there is a dispute about the ticket, Attorney James Medows can help you decide if it is possible to resolve the dispute, and find the best possible way to handle resolution. Just keep in mind that there are consequences for every action, with ignoring the ticket having the most serious and expensive consequences of them all. It isn’t unheard of for a court to reduce the charge as well as its fines and penalties. If you ignore your ticket, your chances of a positive outcome decrease significantly.

Default Convictions

If the ticket is ignored, it will go into a default conviction. Basically, this means you didn’t comply with anything, and the court assumes your guilt rather than managing it based on your plea. A default conviction carries the fees and penalties of the original charge, but it also carries a suspension and an added fee of $70 to end the suspension. For this reason alone, it’s not a good idea to ignore a traffic ticket.

Driver Responsibility Assessment

Because NYC officials take traffic violations so seriously, they also make use of a Driver Responsibility Assessment Fee. This can be a very expensive way to manage your driving record, and it is usually the result of repeated offenses or neglectful actions. For example, if you refuse a chemical test, you will be charged this fee. It is also a fee that is applied when you get a DWI, aggravated DWI, DWAI, DWAI by drugs, or a DWAI by drugs combined with alcohol.

On top of other NYC traffic violations penalties, you will pay $250 every year for three years for the Driver Responsibility Assessment Fees. This may combine with fees based on points on your license, which can range from $100 a year for three years to $100 a year for three years and $75 for every point after six points. When it comes to repeat violations, anything to do with drug or alcohol violations, or issues concerning a commercial license, it is almost always best to seek the advice of a lawyer.

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