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NYC Traffic Violation Statistics

NYC Traffic Violations StatisticsThere’s likely no way to avoid traffic violations, especially in areas such as NYC. In fact, last year over one million moving violations summons were issued just in our area of the state alone. According to this data, the most common traffic violations may have occurred in some unexpected situations. For instance, the statistics show a large number of violations due to tinted windows. Because of the varying types of traffic violations, it’s important to have someone familiar with the laws and violations, in your corner.

Other noteworthy traffic violation statistics according to the data include:

  • Disobeying a Traffic Control Device. This violation can end up being intentional or unintentional and in some instances, occurring through no fault of your own. Disobeying a traffic control device is one of the most common types of summons issued, with more than 165,000 in the area in 2015 alone.
  • Improper Turn. There were also more than 76,000 instances of improper turning in 2015 as well. There are circumstances, however, such as unmarked or malfunctioning traffic control devices that can cause this type of violation. Whenever you receive a traffic violation, it’s important to make note of devices or circumstances causing the violation that may not have been your responsibility.
  • Other Movers. Also, more than 75,000 instances of traffic summons were issued due to other movers. This means you could very well receive a traffic ticket due to someone else’s negligence that may not be completely your fault. If someone or something else is involved in your traffic violation, you shouldn’t have to bear the responsibility of all the negative consequences of a traffic ticket such as fees and penalties and possible license suspension, by yourself.

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