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Why Not Pay an NYC Traffic Ticket?

Many people have asked this question: “A ticket is only a couple hundred bucks, and it takes up so much time to fight it, so why bother?”

The truth, however, is that you’ll suffer much worse than just some fines. And a few tickets can cost you your license. That’s why it’s important to fight your ticket instead of just paying it.

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The True Cost of an NYC Traffic Ticket

Paying the ticket might seem like an easy solution, but paying without fighting it is, ultimately, an admission of guilt. With that conviction comes more than just a fine.

For every traffic violation you’re convicted of in NYC, you’ll receive points on your license. At six points, you must pay a driver responsibility assessment for three years. At eleven, your license is revoked and you have to take, attend, and pass a safe driving class.

Not being able to get to work, school, or anywhere without help is a problem. The hundreds of lost dollars are a problem. The insurance companies are next. They may raise your rates with every point you get. Furthermore, they have their own point schedule, which may keep your points points active much longer.

You might even find yourself dropped at the next legal opportunity because you’ve become too much of a liability. You’ll have to seek out insurance companies that prey on “high-risk” drivers. This option is often so expensive that most people just go without driving for as long as possible.

Traffic Ticket Defense

These costs and points add up quickly, and points stay on your license for eighteen months. You need to fight every ticket you get because the next one could put you over the point limit.

Luckily, there are plenty of viable defense strategies, and we are ready to employ them for you. Work with an NYC traffic ticket lawyer who is familiar with your type of traffic violation, compatible with your personality, understanding of your goals, and smart enough to know how to fight back.

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