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What Makes a Traffic Ticket Invalid?

Receiving a traffic ticket is never a fun experience, no matter how minor the violation may be. There are many ways to fight a traffic infraction, and it may be in your interest to do so.

One way to fight a ticket is to identify the errors, inconsistencies, or inaccuracies on the citation. These mistakes may make it possible to get your ticket thrown out.

You may believe that pleading guilty, paying the fine, and attending driving school is the easiest way to put the ticket behind you, but doing so could hurt you down the road.

If you need your driving record to be clear, especially if you drive for work, learning what makes a traffic ticket invalid can keep you from racking up points that could impact your future.

Issues on Your Ticket That Could Lead to a Dismissal

The officer who issued your ticket is only human, and people sometimes make mistakes. Those mistakes could be your saving grace in this situation. Many traffic cameras also make errors, such as misidentifying speeding vehicles and red-light runners.

Here’s a look at issues that could make your New York traffic ticket invalid:

  • Wrong traffic code
  • Incorrect information on your ticket, such as your name, the location of the incident, or the date
  • Incomplete citation
  • Incorrect drivers license information

Legal Help with Traffic Ticket Dismissal

Identifying the inaccuracies on your traffic ticket may be tough if you don’t know what to look for. Hiring a traffic ticket lawyer who can spot these errors and knows what makes a traffic ticket invalid can help you beat your ticket. Remember—you only have thirty days to contest your ticket, so don’t delay.

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