What Is a Driver Responsibility Assessment Fee in New York?

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What Is a Driver Responsibility Assessment Fee in New York?

The state of New York created a fee beginning in 2004 called the driver responsibility assessment.


What is a driver responsibility assessment fee in New York? It’s a fee that was enacted to deter drivers from repeated problem driving, and it is an additional fee. It does not take the place of other fines and surcharges already related to the current traffic ticket the driver received. The fee is paid over a three-year period.


When Does the Fee Apply?

The driver responsibility assessment doesn’t apply to all traffic tickets and is only imposed under certain conditions.


This fee is imposed under the following circumstances:


  • You were convicted of a driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol traffic offense while operating a motor vehicle, a snowmobile, or a boat
  • You refused to take a chemical test for blood alcohol content in New York
  • In the last eighteen months, six or more points have been added to your driving record for traffic-related offenses in New York, Ontario, or Quebec


What Is the Assessment Amount?

The assessment fee varies based on the traffic violation you have committed, as well as how many points you already have on your record.


For example, if you were ticketed for a driving while intoxicated-related offense, your assessment would total $750 over the three-year period. Again, this fee is in addition to the other fines and surcharges you have been ordered to pay.


You will receive a statement in the mail from the DMV detailing the amount you must pay depending on your unique circumstances, but it would be better if you never even get that far. If you’ve been ticketed for a traffic violation, you should call an experienced traffic ticket attorney right away.


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