What Happens if You Forget to Go to Court for a Traffic Ticket?

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What Happens if You Forget to Go to Court for a Traffic Ticket?

Taking time out of your day to go to traffic court can be frustrating. After all, you have a life, a job, and other tasks to handle. But what happens if you forget to go to court for a traffic ticket? In some cases, the consequences can be worse than your ticket’s fines.

If you believe you won’t be able to make your court date, or if you have forgotten and missed it, don’t delay in calling the court and the Law Office of James Medows.

Consequences of Missing Your Court Date

Missing your court date for your NYC traffic ticket can make your situation worse. Unfortunately, your license may be suspended. Already, that puts more financial strain on you. You’ll have to arrange rides or pay for public transportation while unable to use your car. Driving with a suspended license is a crime, which is added trouble.

You’ll be given ninety days of suspension and a $70 fee to lift the suspension on top of your ticket costs, which will be paid to the courts. After that, you can also expect your insurance premiums to rise. Because your driving record is hurt by your suspension, insurance companies will raise the costs for you, hurting you even worse in the long run.  

What if I Think I’ll Miss It?

If you have yet to miss your court date but are afraid that you might, you must act fast. These consequences can leave you struggling financially.

If you believe you must postpone your hearing, you need to do it at least ten days before your date. This will give the court time to reschedule and give you a chance to work out a better time. For help rescheduling your traffic court date, call a qualified attorney at our firm.

Reach Out for More Information

Missing your traffic court date is serious, and you need someone on your side to help you make your next move. If you haven’t missed it, act now to make your hearing easier. While a missed date cannot be undone, you can take steps to reduce the burden of fees and suspensions, and our attorneys can help.

With the Law Office of James Medows, you don’t have to worry about what happens if you forget to go to court for a traffic ticket. We’ll work to make your court date as easy as possible and make sure you clearly understand all deadlines associated with your case.

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