Questions to Ask a Lawyer About a Traffic Ticket

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Questions to Ask a Lawyer About a Traffic Ticket

Whether it’s your first ticket or not, the process of contesting a traffic ticket can be confusing—and a little scary. After all, the potential fines are high, and if you’re in serious trouble, you could end up with a suspended license. Fortunately, that’s where the Law Office of James Medows comes in.

We understand that this event will leave you with plenty of questions to ask a lawyer about a traffic ticket. You have some decisions to make, and if you’re not familiar with the legal process, it’s easy to be confused and miss an important deadline.

If you’re concerned about your New York traffic ticket, our firm can get you on track with the answers to the questions below and many more.

Ask About Your Defense Strategy

One of the most useful answers a lawyer can provide involves guidance on how to defend yourself. For instance, you may be certain that you didn’t do what the ticket says, but you’re not sure how to fight an incorrect ticket.

Fortunately, our lawyers are familiar with key defenses against moving violations, such as the following:

  • The ticket information is significantly off.
  • Witnesses agree with your view of events.
  • There was a mistake of fact, perhaps because of unreadable road signs.
  • You were avoiding danger.
  • Your actions were “legally justified.”

If you’re unsure about your defense strategy, your lawyer may use any of these defenses, among others, to get your ticket dismissed.

Ask About the Consequences

If you’re not sure all this trouble is worth it, it may help to ask the lawyer about the maximum punishments you could face if you just plead guilty and pay the ticket.

You’ll quickly find out that the worst penalties can be dire. A traffic ticket doesn’t just bring a fine—it also puts points on your license, depending on the severity of the issue. If you receive eleven points in an eighteen-month span, your license will be suspended.

The effects of this are wide-ranging. Not only will you be unable to drive yourself around, but you’ll likely have to pay for other transportation while maintaining the insurance coverage for your vehicle, so your expenses will only grow.

These expenses can put strain on you and your family. When you need the money for those fines, which can range from a minimum of $50 for a cell phone use charge to hundreds of dollars for extreme speeding, but you’re unable to get to work easily, it can be tough to get out of that financial hole.

Ask About Getting Help in Court

Luckily, all you’ll need to do is ask us for help. When you have so little time to prepare, acting now is vital. If you still have questions to ask a lawyer about a traffic ticket, don’t wait to get in touch with us.

The Law Office of James Medows is ready to move quickly to fight your ticket. We understand how complex and confusing a traffic ticket case can be, but we’re available to guide you through the process of getting a dismissal.

If you’re ready to get your questions answered, consult with us about your case. Call us at 917-856-1247 or complete the online contact form below.

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