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NYS Cell Phone Law Exceptions

As driving distracted becomes more of a problem, many states are cracking down on texting and talking when you’re behind the wheel to push more drivers to pay attention. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to always follow this rule.

If you’re concerned about New York state’s cell phone laws, our attorneys at the Law Office of James Medows can help, especially if you’ve received a ticket for cell phone use behind the wheel. Reach out to us to get started on your case.  

Penalties for Cell Phone Use

As common as texting and talking on cell phones are, many drivers forget or don’t think about the consequences of these laws. Unfortunately, they can have a serious impact—five points on your license is serious, especially since it only takes eleven points to suspend your license.

Cell phone use also comes with major fines, such as the following maximum penalties:

  • First offense – $200
  • Second Offense in Eighteen Months – $250
  • Third Offense in Eighteen Months – $450

If you’re caught on the phone, the consequences are serious. Unfortunately, while you may have been using your phone for a legitimate reason, a police officer might have still given you a ticket.

Exceptions to the NYS Cell Phone Law

Luckily, when you appeal your ticket, there are exceptions to this law that may end with a case dismissal. After all, there are legitimate, acceptable reasons to use your phone behind the wheel.

Typically, if you’re in the middle of an emergency and you’re contacting emergency services, you’re allowed to use your phone on the road. This can include calling an ambulance or other emergency service after witnessing an accident or contacting them if you are having a medical emergency.

Hands-free devices, such as a GPS attached to the car, are also acceptable to use. The key is that your hands should be free to maneuver. Fortunately, if you can prove that your actions fell under one of these exceptions, you may be able to get your cell phone ticket thrown out.

An Attorney Knows the Difference

When you’re stuck with a ticket after using your cell phone while driving, you need an attorney who can prove that you were in the right. While cell phone use is restricted for motorists, there are NYS cell phone law exceptions, and your case may involve one of them.

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