New York Traffic Ticket with an Out-of-State License

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New York Traffic Ticket with an Out-of-State License

It’s easy to make a little mistake and get a traffic ticket. Maybe you overlooked a sign, or perhaps an officer thought you were doing something you weren’t. Either way, you end up in the frustrating situation of dealing with a traffic ticket.

Worse, you may have a New York traffic ticket with an out-of-state license, and this only adds to the confusion. What do you need to do? Can you still fight it or have the points removed from your record?

With an attorney from the Law Office of James Medows, you can get the answers you need and the guidance to get your ticket dismissed.

Your New York Traffic Ticket Will Matter

Unfortunately, ignoring your traffic ticket will only make things worse. New York is part of larger agreement known as the Driver License Compact. Most states are part of this contract, and the few that aren’t may still conform to its guidelines.

For you, this means that your New York traffic ticket won’t just affect your visit to the state—it’ll affect your driving record in your home state. In extreme cases, this could mean getting your license suspended. If you don’t take care of your ticket in New York, you could face the state’s punishments for whatever violation you’re accused of.

Fortunately, you still have a chance to fight back with the help of an NYC traffic ticket lawyer.

Fighting Your Out-of-State Traffic Infraction

If you’re concerned about your driving record and the state of your license, act now. You have a short time to act, but doing so can help you avoid harsh penalties. An attorney can help you build a strong defense—and fast.

After that, your next steps will depend on the type of infraction you’re accused of and the context of the situation. For example, if you’re pulled over for running a stop sign, you may be able to prove a “mistake of fact.” This would cover situations like a hidden sign, where someone may reasonably be unable to spot the sign in time to act.

The direction your case takes will depend on your situation, but rest assured that your lawyer can fight for you efficiently and effectively.

Get Help with Your Ticket

In-state traffic tickets can be tough enough to get dismissed. But if you’ve gotten a New York traffic ticket with an out-of-state license, the Law Office of James Medows can be especially helpful.

You may need a lawyer on your side to help you get your charges dismissed, and our team knows New York traffic laws well. If you’re struggling with your case, contact us. If you’re ready or would like more information, call us at 917-856-1247 or complete the online contact form below.  

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