Is a Traffic Ticket a Criminal Offense?

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Is a Traffic Ticket a Criminal Offense?

Unfortunately, being issued a traffic ticket is a relatively common occurrence in New York. While most of these infractions are serious enough on their own, many drivers worry that they might actually be charged with a crime. But is a traffic ticket a criminal offense?

The short answer is sometimes. Our team at the Law Office of James Medows has highlighted some crucial information you need to know about traffic violations.

Figuring Out Which Traffic Offenses Are Criminal

Luckily, most moving and traffic violations are considered minor infractions and don’t have any major bearing on your criminal record. These infractions might include things like failing to yield the right-of-way or changing lanes improperly.

However, traffic tickets can become criminal offenses if the accident or situation has severe ramifications. Essentially, if another person or someone else’s property is severely injured or destroyed, your charge may turn into a misdemeanor or felony offense.

Additionally there are some actions New York considers misdemeanors or felonies automatically. These may include the following:

These charges can lead to serious penalties, such as expensive fines, jail time, and lost driving privileges. If you’ve been charged with one, it’s crucial to secure effective legal representation to fight the charges.

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Whether your traffic ticket is a criminal offense or not, a qualified attorney can help you fight it in court. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team at the Law Office of James Medows. Our lawyers will do everything we can to get your charges reduced or dropped completely so your freedom and financial security remain intact.

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