Is a Cell Phone Ticket a Moving Violation in New York?

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Is a Cell Phone Ticket a Moving Violation in New York?

Using your cell phone in your car may feel natural to you, but the state of New York considers it a form of distracted driving. In short, a cell phone ticket is a moving violation in New York.

Such a ticket can result in a lot of points on your license, which can potentially put your ability to legally drive in peril, not to mention raise your insurance rates.


Cell Phone Laws

The New York Legislature has passed cell phone laws that prohibit the improper use of a cell phone while driving. This could include talking on a phone, texting, or watching a video.

Some people are surprised to find that an officer can even issue a ticket if he or she thinks the phone’s navigation system was being improperly used.

A New York cell phone moving violation can result in five points being added to your license.


Why Points Matter

In New York, your ability to continue driving is determined by the number of points on your driving record. If you receive eleven points in eighteen months, your license could be suspended.

It is also important to note that some tickets have multiple violations listed on them. For example, if an officer noticed you were on your phone while you were driving eleven miles per hour over the speed limit, the ticket you receive could cite you both for using a cell phone and speeding.

Under that example, you could receive nine points on your license.


You Can Fight the Ticket

It is possible to fight a cell phone ticket with the help of an attorney. Doing so may result in the ticket being waived or at least reduced.

That could make a major impact on how many points are added to your driving record. For example, if your cell phone ticket is changed to a simple speeding ticket, the points could drop from five to three.


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