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How to Prepare for Traffic Court

Deciding to fight your traffic ticket is a good first step, because once you’ve pleaded guilty to a moving violation, there’s no going back. Traffic infractions are linked to heavy fines, and they almost always add points to your driving record. Sometimes the fines may be substantial and can negatively impact your financial situation for years to come.


Also, once you’ve accumulated a certain number of points within an eighteen-month timeframe, this can lead to license suspension or revocation. When you are wondering how to prepare for traffic court, the best thing to do is call a traffic ticket lawyer. Our firm offers free consultations, so there’s no risk involved in finding out how to get ready for court.

Review Your Ticket

The first step to preparing for traffic court is to thoroughly review your ticket. You may be surprised by the mistakes listed on your violation—mistakes that could get your ticket thrown out.


For example, if you are sent a ticket in the mail as a result of a red light camera and the street intersection is listed incorrectly, or if your license plate is not clearly visible in the photo, the judge might throw out the ticket.

Arrive Early for Possible Plea Bargaining

In many jurisdictions, the prosecution is allowed to plea bargain before court. You and your attorney should arrive early and speak with the prosecution about possibly lowering the penalty.


By hiring a traffic attorney, you have a better chance of getting the penalties associated with your ticket bargained down because the prosecution is less likely to view your case as a sure win.

Understand the Penalties Associated with Your Ticket

It will do no good to plea bargain if you don’t know what a lesser offense is, or if you don’t understand the penalties associated with different traffic violations. Many traffic tickets have points attached to them, as well as large fines, and some violations are even accompanied by jail sentences upon conviction.


You should also understand that when points are added to your driving record, they could raise your insurance rates. Speaking with a traffic lawyer can help you to better understand how your ticket can impact your future.

Speak with a Traffic Violation Attorney

Call a traffic lawyer who can better help you understand how to prepare for traffic court. The Law Office of James Medows is experienced with New York’s traffic laws, and we will fight against your conviction. Use our contact form below for a free consultation, or call our office directly at 917-856-1247.

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