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How to Prepare for a Traffic Lawyer Consultation

When you’ve gotten a traffic ticket, getting a lawyer on your side can help you get your ticket dismissed, keeping you from high fees, license suspensions, and plenty of frustration. If you’ve never been to court, however, you might feel a little overwhelmed.

When you’re dealing with a traffic ticket, your deadline is typically only thirty days from the date you received your ticket, so you must act fast. Be sure to complete these key steps to save time before you meet with your attorney.  

Prepare Your Evidence

When you begin your case, your attorney needs as much information as possible about your situation. You should bring your traffic ticket, of course, but any other information you can provide about your driving record will be useful.

For instance, you can get a copy of your driving record and points accrued from the DMV, which can be especially useful if your record has been spotless before this ticket. Even if you’re near the eleven-point maximum before your license is suspended, however, this can help your attorney decide what direction to take with your case.

Before your hearing, you have a limited amount time to speak with your attorney. Use this time as effectively as possible by coming prepared with answers for your attorney’s questions about the ticket.

Bring Your Questions

Likewise, you should also take advantage of this time with your lawyer to ask him or her anything you don’t understand about the proceedings. For example, if you have questions about the point system and where your own license stands, your lawyer can explain where you stand and how your case can affect that.

Knowing what sorts of errors can get your ticket dismissed might also be confusing. For instance, a misspelled car make or model might not be enough to have your ticket dismissed, but an incorrect location likely will.

Fighting a traffic ticket might not be easy, but with the right attorney, you can beat that ticket. Be sure to take this time to get a better grasp on your case before your court appearance.  

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