How to Contest a Photo-Enforced Ticket

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How to Contest a Photo-Enforced Ticket

Surprise tickets that arrive in the mailbox aren’t much fun for anyone. You may not even recall the violation that caused your ticket in the first place, so it can be intimidating to challenge it. But there is always a way!


Calling an attorney with the Law Office of James Medows will give you the best chance of beating your ticket. We are experienced traffic ticket lawyers, and we know how to contest a photo-enforced ticket since we fight and beat tickets every day!


How to Fight Your Photo-Enforced Ticket

Just because you receive a ticket, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re automatically guilty. Those traffic cameras make mistakes all the time, and for you to be convicted there must be solid proof that you committed a moving violation.


There are many defenses your attorney can use to fight against a conviction. Here are just a few that might apply to your situation:


  • You Weren’t the Driver – In New York, photo-enforcement tickets are sent to the registered owner of the vehicle. If you weren’t driving, you can use that as a defense; however, you will have to point the finger at the person who was driving.
  • Equipment Malfunction – Photo cameras are subject to malfunction. They are required to be tested daily. If they weren’t tested, a case could be made that the camera made a mistake.
  • Your Vehicle Was Misidentified – Sometimes there are multiple vehicles in the same place at the same time. If there is clearly another driver’s car in the photo beside your vehicle, it could be argued that it was the other driver who committed the violation.
  • Someone Stole Your Vehicle – You are obviously not responsible for traffic violations committed by a person who stole your vehicle. The court will want to see evidence to confirm this, such as a police report.


Speak with a Photo-Enforced Ticket Attorney

Contesting a photo-enforced camera ticket can be tricky. The best course of action is to contact an experienced traffic violation attorney with the Law Office of James Medows.


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