How Do I Plead Not Guilty to a Traffic Violation in New York?

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How Do I Plead Not Guilty to a Traffic Violation in New York?

Pleading not guilty to a traffic violation in New York usually means you want to fight your ticket. To plead not guilty, you must follow a set process.

Along the way, a New York traffic lawyer can make the process much easier and increase your chance of garnering a favorable outcome.


How to Plead Not Guilty

Traffic violations are handled by New York’s Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB). If the violation took place in NYC or Rochester, you can plead not guilty and request a hearing. This is typically done over the phone, although some people prefer to request a hearing in person at a TVB office. The hearing can only be rescheduled once, so it is important to attend all hearings.

When you request a hearing, you will need a few pieces of information. These include the following:

  • Your personal information
  • DMV number from your drivers license
  • Ticket number


It Takes Time for Your Ticket to Appear

If you went to the system to request a hearing and could not find your ticket, it may not have been entered yet. Check back every few days.

The TVB is required to notify you of a hearing in writing, so keep an eye out for the notice in the mail. You will be required to show up.


The Hearing

Many people choose to have an attorney represent them during their traffic violation hearings. Going to court can be intimidating. If you are nervous or concerned that a judge may not accept your defense, you may want to hire a traffic lawyer.

During the hearing, a plea of not guilty can be entered and a defense given. It will be up to the hearing officer or judge to make a final ruling. Based on this ruling, the ticket will either be dismissed, entered as is, or reduced. The corresponding points on your license, if any, will be added, and you may need to pay a fine.


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