How Do I Find a Top NYC Traffic Ticket Lawyer?

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How Do I Find a Top NYC Traffic Ticket Lawyer?

If you are planning to fight your traffic ticket, you may need to work with a top NYC traffic ticket lawyer. Your lawyer’s skills and abilities will directly impact what happens with your ticket.

Here’s how to identify a top traffic attorney.


How to Identify a Top NYC Traffic Lawyer

If the lawyer you’re considering is a top NYC traffic attorney, he or she will meet these standards:

  • Handles a lot of traffic cases
  • Has a high success rate
  • Has a good reputation
  • Knows how to get points off of your driving record

Some people are afraid to ask lawyers questions; don’t be. You should ask an attorney about his or her practice, how many cases he or she has handled, and what the outcome normally is. Remember that the attorney you hire will be your advocate. If you are not comfortable with him or her, hire someone else.


Search Tips

There are several ways to find a top NYC traffic lawyer, including the following:

Do a Google Search

Look online for a traffic lawyer. It’s important to hire someone who focuses on traffic cases. That way, the attorney will have more experience going before the judges and hearing officers who rule on traffic violations, know what to expect, and be better prepared to handle your case.

Ask a Friend

People you know may have great suggestions for NYC traffic ticket lawyers they have worked with.

Look in a Legal Directory

Various organizations have legal directories listing members and those focused on specific areas of the law.


Schedule a Consultation

Once you have found one or several attorneys you wish to speak with, call and schedule consultations. Ideally, you want to identify lawyers who offer free consultations. This gives you the opportunity to ask questions about their experience and success rates.

A top NYC traffic ticket lawyer should be able to provide this information and answer any other questions about his or her practice.


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