How Do I Find a Good NYC Traffic Ticket Lawyer?

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How Do I Find a Good NYC Traffic Ticket Lawyer?

If you have been issued a ticket in NYC and want to know how to find a good lawyer, you are not alone. Hiring a lawyer gives you a strong chance of beating the ticket and avoiding points being added to your driving record.


Find a Good Lawyer

Here are some simple steps you can take to find an experienced NYC traffic ticket attorney:

Ask Your Friends

There’s a good chance that people in your network have been ticketed in recent history. Ask who they used and what the results were. If the attorney in question got the ticket waived or the points reduced, that lawyer might be right for your case.

Look for Experience

Some attorneys handle any case that comes through the door. That means they could be in family court handling a divorce in the morning, in criminal court in the afternoon, and in traffic court the next day. The problem with this approach is that they never get consistent experience arguing in front of same judge or dealing with the same areas of the law.

The more an attorney argues the same type of case, the better at it he or she will be. To benefit from that kind of experience, look for a traffic lawyer who primarily handles traffic cases.

Ask About the Lawyer’s Success Rate

It’s OK to ask an attorney about his or her success rate. Select an NYC traffic lawyer with a strong win ratio.


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