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Free Consultation with an NYC Traffic Lawyer

For a free consultation with an NYC traffic lawyer, get in touch with the Law Office of James Medows. We’re ready to discuss your case, your defense, and your next steps.


What to Expect

During your free NYC traffic ticket consultation, you and an attorney will discuss the details of your case and examine whether there is a viable defense that could help you beat your ticket.

There’s no pressure to move forward with your case after your free consultation, but after you and the lawyer have discussed the potential effects the ticket could have on your life and how we can help, you’ll probably want to move forward.


Understanding License Points

NYC operates on a point system. For violations like speeding, using a cell phone, failing to stop, or any other moving violation, you may have points added to your license. After eleven points in eighteen months, your license will be suspended.

Eleven points may seem like a lot, but it’s really not. You could get that many points with just one ticket.

For example, talking on a cell phone is five points, tailgating is four points, and going eight miles per hour over the speed limit is three points. That means if you were going eight over on the freeway while driving too closely to the next car and talking on the phone, that one ticket could result in twelve points—enough to have your license suspended.

Working with an attorney to fight your tickets is one of the best ways to have the violations reduced or the tickets dropped.


Work with an Experienced NYC Traffic Lawyer

Hiring someone who handles traffic cases all day every day may give you your best shot at beating your ticket. The attorneys at the Law Office of James Medows have this experience.

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