Do You Need a Lawyer for Traffic Court?

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Do You Need a Lawyer for Traffic Court?

If you’ve been issued a traffic ticket, it’s normal to feel confused and as though you have no choice but to pay up. However, this is far from true. By law, you have every right to go to court, plead not guilty, and contest the charges. Doing so could mitigate significant financial repercussions.


If you’re considering this option, you may be wondering whether you need a lawyer for traffic court. Our team at the Law Office of James Medows wants to help you feel fully prepared for the proceedings and make sure you stand a strong chance of finding success.

Mitigating Issues

Going to court can be intimidating and overwhelming. If you aren’t familiar with the process, it can be easy to be confused about how things should go.


Without the assistance of an attorney, you could find your day in court is less than successful, making the entire venture pointless—after all, why should you have to take time off of work only to now face court fees on top of your original ticket?


Having a traffic ticket lawyer on your side can help ensure that the day goes smoothly. We’ll know what to say, how to enter a not guilty plea, and how to handle all communications in the courtroom. This will help ensure that you don’t make any mistakes or accidentally say the wrong thing.

Knowledge and Guidance

Additionally, having the assistance of an experienced and qualified traffic ticket lawyer can give you a better chance of securing a satisfactory outcome. In fact, we may even be able to get a better outcome than you would have initially thought possible.


For example, by using viable defense tactics and negotiating skills, your attorney may be able to get your charges thrown out completely. If not, we may still be able to get your sentencing reduced so your driving privileges and finances aren’t affected as severely.

Get in Touch with a New York Traffic Ticket Lawyer

You may need a knowledgeable and experienced attorney to represent you in traffic court. Luckily, our team at the Law Office of James Medows is here to help. We have handled countless cases similar to yours, and we will do everything we can to get your charges either reduced or thrown out completely.


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