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Can I Dispute the Police Officer’s Opinion in Traffic Court?

Traffic court is a stressful place, but it can give you the chance to have your traffic ticket dismissed. A successful traffic court outcome means no costly fines and the protection of your driving record.

It’s not always easy to have your ticket dismissed. You’ll need to build a strong defense and give the court a compelling reason not to uphold the violation. You might be wondering, “Can I dispute the police officer’s opinion in traffic court?”

Although it can feel intimidating to dispute an officer’s word, it’s often your only chance to have your ticket dismissed and avoid any fines and penalties. With a lawyer from the Law Office of James Medows on your side, you’ll have an even better chance of a successful dismissal.

Police Officers Are Human

It’s true that a traffic court judge will hold the word of a police officer in high regard. But, these officers are human beings, too, and they could easily have made a mistake when they pulled you over.

In traffic court, this is known as a mistake of fact. Typically, you’ll use this if the officer made a subjective decision about your driving. For example, you might have been given a ticket for driving at unsafe speeds for the weather conditions.

In these cases, you might dispute that by saying that the weather was clear or not as dangerous as the officer might have believed. You might also argue say that there were no other cars around you.  In these cases, you may have your ticket dismissed if the officer doesn’t have further evidence that you were breaking the law.

You Might Need Proof

Although the officer is just a human who makes mistakes, it’s also their job to ensure the law is being respected. In cases of subjective law violations, it can be difficult to rely on disputing the officer’s opinion as your only defense.

Your NYC lawyer will also gather any evidence that shows you shouldn’t have been ticketed. This evidence might include the following:

  • Eyewitnesses
  • Surveillance footage
  • Major mistakes on your ticket

If you have evidence, for example, that you weren’t in the area that the officer listed on the ticket, you might be able to secure a ticket dismissal.

Fighting an Officer’s Opinion in NYC

When you think about disputing your ticket in traffic court, it’s hard not to feel as if the officer’s word will always trump your own. It’s important to remember that police officers are people who make mistakes and disputing your ticket in court is entirely possible.

Be sure that you have a lawyer from the Law Office of James Medows on your side when you’re wondering, “Can I dispute the police officer’s opinion in traffic court?” We have years of experience working through difficult traffic ticket cases, and we will be diligent in protecting your driving record.

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