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NYC Improper Passing Ticket Lawyer

Getting a ticket for an unsafe lane change doesn’t have to end in an admission of guilt and a dent in your bank account. Fight your ticket by working with an NYC improper passing ticket lawyer.

Improper passing can happen in several different situations. The first is by moving to the left of a driver, which means you end up driving into the oncoming traffic lane. The only time this is permissible is if there is a dashed line on the road, as opposed to a solid line, and only if there is no visible oncoming traffic.


Passing on the right can also be considered improper, with the only exception being if the driver in front of you is clearly making a left-hand turn. Even then, you can’t pass on the right if it means you’ll have to go off the road, such as onto a curb.


If you’ve been ticketed in any of these situations, you’ll need an NYC improper passing ticket lawyer from the Law Office of James Medows on your side. Getting a ticket doesn’t have to end in a conviction, and we might be able to help you get your ticket dismissed.

Penalties for Improper Passing

Not only is improper passing dangerous, but you could end up with a number of penalties against you, especially if you don’t have an experienced traffic attorney to help. First, if you are accused of improper passing or changing lanes in an unsafe manner, you will receive a three-point violation.


Complications arise when your improper passing violation comes paired with some other traffic violation, such as speeding. Many people who pass improperly must accelerate in order to do so and are often issued tickets for both violations. If this happens, you’ll have six points added to your license and will find yourself not only responsible for paying fines associated with the ticket itself but with an additional driver assessment surcharge as well.


Driver assessment surcharges are based on the number of points you accumulate within an eighteen-month period. They start at $100 per year and include an additional $25 fee for every point over the first six. You must pay the surcharge for three consecutive years.


These penalties can obviously add up quickly. However, a qualified NYC improper passing ticket lawyer may be able to get the penalties lowered or even dismissed.

Defending Against an Improper Passing Ticket

It’s possible, depending on your circumstances, to defend yourself and get a passing ticket dismissed or lowered. Because of the penalties involved, it’s incredibly important to consider all your options, especially if admitting guilt to the violation will result in any of the following:


  • Driver assessment program
  • You are close to eleven points and face license suspension
  • Your job depends on having a clean driving record

An NYC Unsafe Lane Change Ticket Lawyer Can Help

If you’ve been ticketed, you may have more options available than you realize. If you have received a ticket for improper passing in the NYC area, the Law Office of James Medows may be able to help. Call us at 917-856-1247 or complete the form below for a free and confidential consultation with an NYC improper passing ticket lawyer.

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