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02 Feb New York Traffic Lawyer : What to Do?

New York Traffic Lawyer : What to Do?

Like many states, New York employs a two-tiered legal system when it comes to traffic violations. Minor infractions, like going 15 miles per hour over the speed limit or speeding in school zones, are typically assigned as fix-it tickets, which means that if you pay your fine by mail within five days and complete community service (if applicable), your ticket will be dismissed from your record. If you don’t take care of it within that time frame, however, you’ll have to pay full price for it and hope for mercy from a judge at your trial date. While these tickets aren’t usually expensive to begin with—usually $50 or less—they do count against points on your license and could eventually lead to an increase in insurance premiums.

Depending on your specific situation, there are varying degrees of punishments for traffic violations. Even if you’re going to fight it out in court, however, it’s wise to hire an attorney who has experience in your state’s traffic laws. The violation might seem insignificant – or even silly – but getting caught with a minor infraction can have big consequences down the road. In most cases, violating your state’s traffic laws also puts you at risk for increased fines and higher insurance rates. Why take chances when you can get legal help from someone who is intimately familiar with your state’s traffic laws? A good defense lawyer will be able to work with you and protect you until it comes time to go to court.

One common misconception about traffic law is that people can take care of it themselves. Unfortunately, many people have realized too late that traffic tickets are not simple matters and that they can carry serious consequences. Don’t be one of those drivers – be smart and hire a professional instead. In today’s post, we’ll discuss why you should never attempt to handle your own traffic violations.