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New York City Refusal Hearing Lawyer

If you have been accused of driving while intoxicated (DWI), you may face a suspension of your license. You may also need to appear in court at some point in order to contest your DWI charge.

In New York, if you are pulled over by an officer who believes you are driving while intoxicated, it is assumed that you have already given consent for a chemical test. Typically, this means a breathalyzer test that will measure your blood alcohol concentration (BAC). If you refuse to allow this test to be conducted, it will result in your license being immediately suspended pending a refusal hearing.

To determine whether you will permanently lose your license, you will have to go through the hearing and dispute process. It is best not to do so alone but with the help of a New York City refusal hearing lawyer.

What You Should Know

This hearing is an excellent way for us to prepare for your trial. This is because the police will be providing information about what evidence they have and what they believed happened.

Without legal representation of their own, the officers involved are more likely to divulge important information. This allows us to be better prepared for the eventual trial.

The Refusal Hearing Process

The most important thing to know about the refusal hearing process is that you have to show up. It is critical that you do so and do not try to delay or adjourn the hearing.

It is always best to proceed with the refusal hearing as quickly as possible. First, this can be used as a fact-finding mission to gather as much information as possible about the evidence the prosecution has against you.

Second, if you need to continue driving, this is your opportunity to retain your license, even if it is restricted. For example, your New York City refusal hearing lawyer can make a case for why you need your license to drive to work, school, or anything else essential to your daily routine.

Even a restricted license provides you with significantly more benefits and freedom than having no license at all, and this hearing is truly the best opportunity you have to keep yours.

Finally, if you do lose your license temporarily, the amount of time spent between your arrest and the refusal hearing will not count towards the suspension time. It is better in the long run for you to simply get this hearing out of the way so that you can move toward regaining full access to your driving privileges.

Speak with a New York City Refusal Hearing Lawyer

Your best opportunity for maintaining your license and fighting your DWI charge is to hire an experienced New York City refusal hearing lawyer. I can assist you in fighting traffic violations such as a DWI charge and a refusal to submit to a chemical test. I understand both the nuances of the law and how to use these hearings to your advantage.

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