New York City Driver Responsibility Assessment Program

New York City Driver Responsibility Assessment Program

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Many New York drivers have questions regarding the New York City Driver Responsibility Assessment Program. Answered below are some of the more frequently asked questions about the program and their answers.

What is the New York City Driver Responsibility Assessment Program?

The program is administered by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles. It has been put in place to identify drivers who could be a high risk for causing accidents.

The program uses a point-based system, so if you get too many points within a defined period of time, you could lose your license either temporarily or permanently.

How many points can I get before losing my license?

Once you reach eleven points within eighteen months, your license can be suspended.

If you reach twelve points within three years, your license could also be suspended.

What will increase my points?

If you are convicted of a traffic violation, points will be added to your total score.

This is why it is critical that you hire an attorney to represent you any time you are ticketed. You will not have points added until you are actually convicted, so it is in your best interest not to accept a charge and to fight it in court instead.

How can an attorney help me with the New York City Driver Responsibility Assessment Program?

First, if you are accused of a traffic offense, you should call my office and schedule a consultation as soon as possible. Disputing a charge is a critical component of preventing the accumulation of points on your record, and may prevent you from losing your license down the road.

Even if you are found guilty of speeding, for example, it may be possible to reduce the amount of speeding you are convicted of. Speeding at one to ten miles over the speed limit will result in three points on your record, while driving twenty-one miles over the speed limit will result in six points being added to your record.

As an attorney, I can fight the charges against you and minimize them whenever possible. In this example, being convicted of a lesser speed results in fewer points being added to your record. This makes it less likely that your license will be suspended both now and in the future.

Do I have to pay a fee for the New York City Driver Responsibility Assessment Program?

Yes, if you receive six points or more within eighteen months, you will be required to pay an assessment fee.

Is there a way to save my driving privileges?

Yes, there is a course you can take that can help you keep your license. Once completed, some of the points will be subtracted from your total score for the purpose of calculating a possible suspension.

Note that the points do not actually come off your license; completing the course simply gives you more breathing room with regards to potential license suspensions.

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