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Nassau County Cell Phone Ticket Lawyer

If you’ve been ticketed for texting or talking behind the wheel, you may have a chance to fight your ticket. Reach out to a Nassau County texting violation lawyer for help getting your ticket dismissed.

Sometimes, a phone call or message is too urgent to ignore. In other cases, you might not have been touching your phone at all. What matters, legally speaking, is that a police officer saw you, and now you’re looking at a traffic citation.

At the Law Office of James Medows, we understand how frustrating this experience is. Luckily, a Nassau County cell phone ticket lawyer can look through the details of your case and work to have your ticket dropped. 

Penalties for Cell Phone Violations in Nassau County

When you’re pulled over for a cell phone ticket, your first reaction may be to just pay the fines and move on. But, a cell phone violation is much more complex than just fines. There are long-term consequences that you likely didn’t consider. 

For example, Each driving citation comes with a set number of driving points that go on your record. These points accumulate for each violation, such as speeding. If you receive eleven or more points within eighteen months, your license could be suspended. 

When you rely on a vehicle to get to work, school, or to errands, this is a huge penatly. A Nassau County ticket attorney could help you avoid these non-financial penalties.

Defending Your License in Court

In order to push for a dismissal of your cell phone ticket in Nassau County, you’ll have to attend your hearing in traffic court. First, you’ll plead not guilty to the traffic ticket. Once you plead, the officials will set your traffic court date, and you’ll get started on preparations. 

You’ll need to review the details of your cell phone ticket and look for possible defenses. You might use your phone records to show you couldn’t have been talking at the time you were pulled over, for example. 

In other cases, you might argue that, though you were talking on your cell phone, it was because you were calling 911 about a medical emergency. In urgent cases like those, you may be able to reduce your penalties or avoid the ticket altogether.

Call a Nassau County Cell Phone Violation Attorney

If you’ve been accused of texting and talking while driving, the penalties can be serious. Your future could be affected if you choose not to fight back, but without the right help, you may struggle to build the best defense for your case. 

In these cases, you may need a lawyer from the Law Office of James Medows. Our attorneys can guide you through the details of your case, and they can help you build the best defense possible. Ready to get started? Contact a Nassau County cell phone ticket lawyer. Call 917-856-1247 or complete the online form to get started.

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