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Nassau County Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Going even a few miles over the speed limit can lead to serious consequences. If you’re concerned about your driving future, reach out to a speeding ticket lawyer in Nassau County for help.

Traffic tickets are a stressful ordeal. Facing those consequences can feel unjust if you feel that you were wrongly issued a citation in Nassau County.

At the Law Office of James Medows, we understand that a speeding ticket can be frustrating. Luckily, we also understand what it takes to get your ticket reduced or dismissed completely. Although you might be struggling with the penalties now, your Nassau County speeding ticket lawyer can provide answers and dispute your charges.

Driving Points in Nassau County

Fighting your Nassau County speeding ticket is essential to avoiding long-term penalties. For example, points on your driving record can impact your legal right to drive, among other negative effects. 

These points are added to your license for every traffic ticket conviction. Those points stay on your license for some time, and they accrue. If you receive eleven points on your license in eighteen months, your license will be suspended.

Disputing a Speeding Ticket 

When you’re ticketed for speeding, you need to act fast. You have just 30 days to issue a plea. Your Nassau County lawyer can help you file online or take your ticket to the clerk’s office to plead not guilty. 

Once you plead not guilty, your attorney in Nassau County can build a defense. Every case is different, so your lawyer will discuss the best option for you, but some common defenses are listed below.

  • Speed Laws – You may not have exceeded the posted speed limit, but you may have been driving the speed limit during a rainstorm and were pulled over for driving too fast for the conditions. In this case, your lawyer will need to prove you were driving safely in those conditions. 
  • Emergency Situations If a loved one has a medical emergency, you can’t wait for an ambulance. Proof that you were heading to the hospital can result in a reduced or dismissed charge.
  • Avoiding an Accident Another driver may have put your safety in danger and you were trying to distance yourself from them. If you were pulled over for speeding while avoiding an accident, you may have grounds to dispute the citation. 

Talk to a Speeding Ticket Attorney in Nassau County 

If you’ve been pulled over for speeding, you’re not out of options, and you don’t have to pay your speeding ticket right away. Reach out to a Nassau County speeding ticket lawyer at the Law Office of James Medows to review your case and build the right defense for you. 

When you’re ready to seek a partial or complete dismissal of your charges, reach out by calling 917-856-1247 or by completing the online form below. 

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