Most Common Traffic Violations in New York
Most Common Traffic Violations in New York

05 Apr Most Common Traffic Violations in New York

It’s probably safe to say that most people will be issued a traffic citation at some point in their lives. Some people may be ticketed more often than others—it could be for legitimate poor driving behaviors, or they could just have really bad luck.

It may be because they spend more time on the road than others, giving them a higher likelihood of being cited for minor traffic infractions. It could also be because they have an attention-grabbing vehicle that might draw the eye of police more often than other vehicles.

Speeding is obviously one of the most common traffic violations in New York and other states, but there are many other common types of traffic violations, which we’ll discuss below.

Common New York Traffic Infractions

Knowing all about the most common traffic infractions in New York can help you be especially careful not to make these mistakes while driving.

You may not realize how much a traffic ticket can impact your life. When you receive a traffic citation, plead guilty, and pay the fine, you’re automatically adding points to your driving record. In addition, your insurance company will raise your rates because, in the insurer’s eyes, you’ve demonstrated poor driving behaviors.

Some people receive two or more traffic citations in rapid succession, and then they’re truly in danger of having their license revoked. Always be aware of common traffic infractions so you can guard against being ticketed for one of them.

The following are some top New York traffic citations:

Penalties for Traffic Violations in New York

The penalties for traffic violations vary widely, depending on which type of traffic infraction you’ve been accused of, as well as what your driving record looks like (how many driving infractions you’ve committed in the last eighteen months).

The most common penalties associated with traffic violations are fines and points on your driving record. The following are some other ways your traffic ticket can negatively affect your life:

  • Financial difficulty (ticket costs and possible license reinstatement fees)
  • Loss of employment (especially if you drive for work)
  • Loss of freedom (jail time for repeat offenders or egregious violations)
  • Loss of free time (time lost because you must now walk to get around or take public transportation)

Getting Help for a New York Traffic Citation

It’s plain to see that everyday New York traffic infractions can do a lot of harm to your life, no matter how common they are. Fighting against traffic tickets is often a good idea because getting your ticket dismissed will mean less overall impact to your life.

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