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Have you been charged with Medicaid fraud, or are you being investigated for Medicaid fraud?

Medicaid fraud is a particularly unsavory crime because it essentially involves robbing from the poor to give to the rich. This is not a charge you want to face.

Medicaid Fraud Lawyer BrooklynMedicaid is a government program that provides health coverage for people who cannot afford medical coverage, including families and children, pregnant women, low-income households, and people with disabilities.Iten compasses people of all ages who cannot pay their medical bills, who receive Supplemental Security Income, and who meet certain financial qualifications. Because this program is designed for the financially underprivileged, abuse of it is regarded as particularly atrocious, and anyone facing a charge of Medicaid fraud should immediately seek the services of The Law Offices of James Medows for a staunch defense against any such accusations.

James understands thecomplex health care laws and regulations of the New York medical system as well the severe consequences that a conviction can produce. If you are being charged with or even investigated for Medicaid fraud, you need an experienced health care fraud defense attorney on your side to guard your rights and to ensure the most positive outcome. James is that attorney.

Providers of Medicaid services include physicians, hospitals, pharmacies, mental health workers, assisted living personnel, dentists, nursing homes, ambulances, medical equipment dealers, home health care providers, physical therapists,and any others who receive payment from Medicaid for any service related to health care. Clearly, the possibilities and temptations for abuse of the Medicaid system are rampant, resulting in billions of dollars being siphoned from the system, at a high cost to taxpayers. But the system is also quite complex, and charges of Medicaid fraud can be fraught with misunderstanding. Therefore, if you face a charge of abuse, it is vital that you contact James so that he can identify the specific problems, look for flaws in the procedure leading to an accusation, examine the credibility of the evidence, and handle the other intricacies of this legal morass.

What triggers a charge of Medicaid fraud? Among the countless reasons are billing for services that were never provided, double billing (charging both Medicaid and a private insurance company), scheduling a patient for a visit that is not needed, performing unnecessary procedures, overcharging for a procedure that was performed (such as cleaning teeth but charging for a root canal), billing for more time than an appointment actually took, charging for an office visit or a procedure that never took place, allowing a non-licensed person to provide medical treatment or dispense drugs, prescribing patients a generic drug but billing Medicaid for the brand name, selling prescriptions or drugs, taking bribes or kickbacks, and itemizing personal expenses.

The possibilities for Medicaid abuse are seemingly endless, and charges clearly can be complicated, misunderstood, misinterpreted, or confused in some other way. If you face an investigation or charge of Medicaid fraud, it is imperative that you have a knowledgeable, highly experienced attorney to help you understand the accusations, to explain possible options, and to try to get charges reduced or even dismissed. James Medows affords the expertise you need, and he will stay with you from start to finish in an ordeal of this kind, providing dedicated legal guidance.

The stakes of Medicaid abuse are high, not least because the crime is one that defrauds the poor and helpless and pads the pockets of the wealthy. Most importantly, if you are found guilty of Medicaid fraud, you can face enormous penalties and restitution, prison time, a felony record, suspension or loss of license and livelihood, and irreparable damage to your reputation and future.

While allegations of Medicaid fraud are aimed primarily at institutions due to their vast powers for exploiting the system, individuals are also at risk. A Medicaid recipient must meet certain qualifications, and falsifying information about that eligibility can lead to a charge of Medicaid fraud. Any individuals who receive Medicaid may be subject to investigation or criminal charges if they lend their Medicaid card to someone else or use someone else’s card, receive or use more than one Medicaid card, receive medical services or supplies they don’t actually need, file a claim for a service or product not received, obtain multiple prescriptions from different doctors, forge or alter a prescription or receipt, file a suspiciously high number of claims, sell items they have received through Medicaid, including drugs, or get any kind of treatment or medication that would be harmful to them.

Furthermore, because Medicaid is a program for the underprivileged, you may be suspected of Medicaid fraud if your name appears on a real estate deed, if you appear to own one or more cars, if you have a child or children in private school, if your salary appears to render you unqualified for Medicaid, or if someone reports you as potentially ineligible. Whether or not such allegations are valid, you should contact an experienced Medicaid fraud attorney who can advise you of your rights and ensure that you receive fair treatment. The penalties for individual Medicare fraud can include fines and penalties, disqualification from the program, seizure of your property and finances, criminal prosecution and prison time, suspension or loss of professional licenses, and endangerment of child care custody.

For any individual, such charges will be daunting and confusing, and you should not try to address them on your own. Contact James Medows, an experienced attorney who will explain the situation, prepare your defense, and do everything possible to reduce or dismiss the charges and help you avoid any criminal consequences.

Medicare fraud is a serious charge, especially given its widespread abuse and the moral outrage it generates.If you are facing any charges of Medicaid fraud, whether as a Medicaid provider or as a Medicaid recipient, take no chances. Contact The Law Office of James Medows to get the most expert and committed support and to be assured that you will receive the best possible outcome for your case.

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