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Manhattan Turn Signal Ticket Lawyer

A ticket for failing to use your turn signal may seem minor, but it can add points to your driving record. For help keeping your record clean and retaining your right to drive, work with a Manhattan turn signal ticket attorney.

If you’ve been given a ticket in New York for failing to use your turn signal while driving, you might feel like you have no choice but to pay the fine. However, there are options available to you: You have the right to go to court and fight the ticket.


For the best results, you may need a qualified legal professional to represent your interests during the court proceedings. A Manhattan turn signal ticket lawyer from the Law Office of James Medows can help.


The Penalties for Failing to Use Your Turn Signal

While forgetting to use your turn signal while you’re on the road might seem like a minor mistake, it’s still a moving violation under New York state law. That means that, if you are given a ticket for not using your turn signal and you don’t fight it, you’ll receive points on your license.


Reaching or exceeding eleven points on your license in eighteen months can lead to a drivers license suspension. A Manhattan turn signal ticket will add two points to your license.


While two points may not seem like much, it’s important to realize that police officers will often try to pin drivers with more than one moving violation in one incident. If they are successful, you could end up with even more points on your license. This can be especially dangerous if you have already received one or more recent infractions on your driving record.


For example, let’s say you were pulled over by a police officer. If he or she gives you a ticket for both failing to use your turn signal and for driving twenty miles per hour over the speed limit, it could spell trouble. Driving at that speed is equivalent to four points. So, if you fail to fight this ticket, a total of six points would be added to your driving record.

Defenses Against Manhattan Turn Signal Tickets

Luckily, a qualified turn signal ticket lawyer in Manhattan can use many tools and strategies to help you avoid fines and points on your license. Some of the defense strategies we may use involve proving the following facts:


  • Although you did, in fact, use your turn signal, your car suffered an electrical malfunction that kept the light from turning on.
  • Similarly, you turned on the turn signal, but the light bulb was burned out.
  • Due to visual obstructions or traffic lighting that was beyond your control, there wasn’t enough warning on the road to know that you needed to turn your signal on.
  • You were forced to turn suddenly, without warning, to avoid bringing harm to yourself or another driver on the road.


Consult with a Manhattan Turn Signal Ticket Attorney

If you were given a ticket in Manhattan for failing to use your turn signal, you can and should put up a fight. With the help of an attorney from the Law Office of James Medows, you can go to court, fight the ticket, and avoid harsh financial penalties and points on your driving record.


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